vendor TexasHotPeppers

This is my first review, and the first box of fresh pods I have purchased from a THP user. I just wanted to write a quick review regarding the $14 SFRB I purchased from TexasHotPeppers last week.  I was absolutely floored when I opened the box.  First off, the box arrived 2 days after I sent him my payment.  Not only was the box shipped extremely fast but he bumped up the size of the box to a larger size, free of charge, and stuffed the box full of peppers.  I ordered 10 different varieties, which were labeled, and he also included another 7-10 varieties to try.
Now to the quality and freshness of the pods....  All I can say is WOW!!  There is no doubt that every pod  was ripe and  picked right off the plant the day he shipped my box.  When I received the box, every pod was firm and had a nice crisp texture when I bit into the pod.  Out of the 15-20 varieties he sent me, the pods are still firm 4 days later including the supers which always seem to be the first to go soft from my experience.
I would highly recommend buying a box from this guy; I know I will be ordering another box in the very near future.  He even went out of his was to message me to make sure that I received the box and that I was happy with my order.  This seller is A++ in my book.


Order from Texashotpeppers twice in a roll, box arrived very fast, box are quite big and cheap for the varieties and effort putting into growing and labeling, next time i rather buying the pod and extract seed from it than buying the seed themselves. Thank you. 
Ordered OP seeds from Texas Hot Peppers.  Received them very quickly and got a bunch of freebies, like some powder, some tomato seeds and extra pepper seeds.  Very happy, Will order from again.
Ordered on Thursday received on the following Monday. Everything was clearly labeled and packaged in individual zip locks. I asked for a total of 5 varieties, 3 or 4 super hot varieties and 1 or 2 hot varieties of the vendors choice and received
-Bad Brains
-Bhut Orange Copenhagen
-Chocolate Brainstrain
-7 Pot Lava
-Wicked Mikes Peach Bhut Jolokia
-Komodo Dragon
-SB Freeport Orange
-Big Yellow Mama
-Fairy Tale Squash + some pepper powder
I highly recommend this seller and will continue buying from them.
Had a great transaction with TexasHotPeppers. I messaged him at a weird time, so it was overlooked. I followed up a week later and he explained that it'd simply been missed, and offered me a discount for my troubles. Awesome guy to do business with. I'll update upon receiving/germinating seeds.
Extremely fast shipping; seeds got here in two days. Along with the five varieties I ordered, I got 3 more pepper varieties, some tomato seeds, and cilantro seeds, along with some great-nephew great (autocorrect) powder. Highly recommend this vendor.
Sorry for the not-so-great pic.

Just want to echo everyone else's comments. Garth is a pleasure to deal with. Communication was good, answered my questions and didn't make a newbie feel like an idiot! Quick, well packaged postage with some good freebies.
Could not be recommend THP enough!! He responded to me quickly and I couldn't believe at how quickly I received the seeds.  And the seeds!!  He included so many bonus seeds and a powder!  I will definitely be ordering again!
To follow up, I started a bit late, so I'm behind, but the plants from the seeds bought from TexasHotPeppers are now starting to produce pods. Beautiful plants. Can't recommend this seller enough.
Had a SFRB from TexasHot, all the peppers were delicious and fresh. Also got a freebie bag of powder, it's going into the chili I'm making right now. I Couldn't recommend it more!