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This is my first review, and the first box of fresh pods I have purchased from a THP user. I just wanted to write a quick review regarding the $14 SFRB I purchased from TexasHotPeppers last week.  I was absolutely floored when I opened the box.  First off, the box arrived 2 days after I sent him my payment.  Not only was the box shipped extremely fast but he bumped up the size of the box to a larger size, free of charge, and stuffed the box full of peppers.  I ordered 10 different varieties, which were labeled, and he also included another 7-10 varieties to try.
Now to the quality and freshness of the pods....  All I can say is WOW!!  There is no doubt that every pod  was ripe and  picked right off the plant the day he shipped my box.  When I received the box, every pod was firm and had a nice crisp texture when I bit into the pod.  Out of the 15-20 varieties he sent me, the pods are still firm 4 days later including the supers which always seem to be the first to go soft from my experience.
I would highly recommend buying a box from this guy; I know I will be ordering another box in the very near future.  He even went out of his was to message me to make sure that I received the box and that I was happy with my order.  This seller is A++ in my book.


i bought a box of peppers from them. the peppers and service was awesome, made some really good sauce. cant wait to buy some more. does anyone know when they will start selling fresh peppers again?
I got my seeds from Garth in the mail today. Shipping was great and seeds were well packaged I was very pleased with that. Was also 4-5 freebies as well which was very nice and unexpected. Being new to chillis Garth was very patient and helpful and really made this an easy buy.

5 stars from me!!

Thanks again look forward to the next purchase

Sorry for the bad pic just couldnt find an angle without any glare


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Fyrehawk91 said:
I'm just starting viewing this forum.  I noticed the links are not working is the a website I can go to, also do they sell live plants also ? 

Garth has a listing/ad up at the moment you can use this link here then contact him. I have no idea if he sells live plants but asking would not be an issue he is super easy to talk to.
Link - http://thehotpepper....ies-for-saleop/
Sorry double post I had ment to quote
Ordered from THP a couple days ago and got my order in today. He was great to deal with. His list of pepper seeds it really impressive. Being a newbie I don't most of them but he pointed me in the right direction. I'll be ordering again.
It's a little late, but I'd like to add that I ordered from TexasHotPeppers last month. The seeds arrived on time, and all were nicely packaged and labelled. I grabbed about 10 or so varieties, and had quite a few varieties thrown in as a bonus, in addition to some bonus tomato and squash seeds. Great vendor with an excellent variety of peppers. Thanks a ton!
Just received my 2nd order from Garth, that included several extra varieties.
I had excellent results with the seeds from my first order, so wanted to make sure to get a jump on next season.
I highly recommend this vender!
I ordered some seeds last week from TexasHotPeppers because he had a variety that I’ve seen recommended by many here in stock. Many thanks for them and the hook ups!

I wouldn’t hesitate to order from this seller.