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The 6th Annual Secret Satan - NOT THIS YEAR SATAN - Gift Exchange

That's a killer haul, mate!

That candy looks so tasty, I've had something similar before from GIP. The process was quite tedious and didn't yield much for the amount invested. Put simply, he used to simmer peppers (can't recall the variety) in sugar and water and then dry the peppers. The candy were dehydrated, sugary, chewy pods, so look different to those in your photos.

Well done HellFireFarm, that's a very generous assortment of heat.
If it gets any better, I've never had it.. the taco seasoning rocked some nachos this evening... well done sir, well done! :cheers:

Thanks for the amazing package. I got your address now I'll send you some blackening seasoning when I send some to Reggie also. I had to open the shit the bed sauce right away, I ate 1/4 of the bottle already lol. it's very good, nice sweetness up front and good eat. 35,000 scovilles can't be true like it says on the label lol.

I'm glad (and very surprised :rofl: ) it all made it safely. Sometimes no matter how well you package a box, you'll get a casualty.

I haven't actually tried "Sh!t The Bed", however I had heard of it. When I saw it while I was on holiday, I knew I had to send it.

Enjoy mate!
The “Shit the bed” sauce reminded me of an old joke. I like jokes and pass them along often, I believe it helps to keep me sane. Maybe, probably, who knows eh? But. I do find laughing feels better than crying… :shocked:

A group of old dudes get together every day. They talk about many topics. But whatever topic starts out, seems as it comes back to “aging” and the effects on the body.

One morning a guy talks about urinating. Goes on to tell it was never an issue before, but now he has to “strain” to get the urine to “flow.” A couple other guys chime in “same with them too.”

Another guy speaks and explains that bowel movements had never been a problem, but now, he has to take laxatives two or three times weekly, just “to get things moving.” A couple other guys offer up, “yeah me too, same deal.”

Shortly afterwards, another old guy pipes up, “I have a bowel movement every day, rain or shine at 6 a.m. never fails.” The other guys are bewildered and one asks “what the hell are you bitching about then?”

The man replies “I don’t wake up until 9. " :cheers:
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My Secret Satan package just arrived and I'm blown away by the contents.

It seems the postal demons have been at it again.



Luckily there was only a slight injury (tiny bit of leakage) sustained and no casualties.


Thank you so much SL, I'm sure I'll thoroughly enjoy each and every item........well maybe all except for the PE :rofl: