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The Last Great Pizza Thread

'Bout time we had a thread for all those that make their own dough and sauce. Too many good cooks on THP to let something as magnificent as that king of foods, pizza go unnoticed on this forum. This thread however comes with some rules to post...

1) Make your own dough and post the recipe. Thin crust. Whole wheat. Foccacia. NY or Chicago style. Naan....your choice!

2) Make your own sauce and post the recipe. Red. White. Olive oil w/ garlic. Whatever gets your mojo workin'!

3) Mandatory that it brings teh heat. Habs. Serrano's. Bhut's. T-Scorps. Fatalli. Hot sauce's and puree's will qualify. Using wimp sauce's such as Tabasco Brand or Franks will
be ridiculed with extreme prejudice and boooooed heavily!

4) Toppings can be anything. Pepperoni. Avocado. Greek olives. Pulled pork. If it came out of the ground or walked, swam or crawled, its all cool and the gang!

5) Bake them in the oven on a sheet pan. In cast iron. A pizza stone. On the grill. Got a wood fired pizza oven? Have mercy!

6) Pics are mandatory! Anyone can talk smack about it but put up or shut up. No pics? It never happened and ridiculing and boooooing will follow. Capiche?

Alright ya'll, lets get it on.....
@ Red Savina & dragonsfire...non of the pans are  black  iron, the top few are straight sided coated steel and the bottom are aluminized steel
which are heavily seasoned through the years causing that black appearance. I haven't used any of the black iron deepdish before, but having a
good seasoned dark pan will draw in the heat for a crispier crust............like wearing a black shirt in the hot sun..... :fireball:

When you have some extra dough and extra toppings from the pizza throwdown, make stromboli.
Thanksgiving Pizza!!!...kinda

Since its November and TurkeyDay is coming up, I decided to start Thanksgiving early!


I tried to get the dough to taste like stuffing a little, hopefully the sauce will help bring the chicken flavor around.

1C warm water
2.5C flour
2T olive oil
1t salt
Then I added about .5t of parsley, rosemary, pepper, chicken seasoning, and celery seed. Some I added a little more to how I think it should taste if it was stuffing.

Gravy Base
I used chicken stock concentrate to make the stock and then used a brown roux to thicken.
Fresh thyme
2T garlic powder
2T onion powder
1/2C apple cider vinegar
1t cayenne
1t sugar

Havarti and smoked gouda for the cheese.
For the top of the pizza I seared some turkey breasts which I seasoned with salt and pepper.
Soaked cranberries in apple cider vinegar.
And made a balsamic reduction sauce to use as a drizzle.

YUM! Not exactly thanksgiving dinner but kinda close!

Did this but was too late for this months throwdown
D3monic said:
TC and Bum have the best looking crusts in this TD. I aspire to achieve pizza crusts as sexy one day.
If you have any questions or need any help just let me know. My dough recipe will give you a really nice "bubbly" crust if you hand turn it. Rolling pin will still produce a nice crust just not as "bubbly"

Nat levain is natural levaner aka my sour dough starter

IDY is instant dry yeast

RT is room temp

KABF is King Arthur bread flour

And we can hook you up with some sourdough starter aka big herm if you wanna give it a go. Just send me a PM.
D3monic said:
TC and Bum have the best looking crusts in this TD. I aspire to achieve pizza crusts as sexy one day. 
Thanks D3.  Same here any questions you have or any way I can help…just say the word.  In addition to what 'Bum said above, I really think you need a stone as well.  When I made crust on the metal trays I never achieved what I was looking for.   
PIC 1 said:

 Calabrian chili's.............ground pepper/oil...infused oil.....flakes.
It pays to grow your own.

Blond pie, no sauce...Fresh Mozzarella, grated Fontina and Speziato Cheeses, Calabrian chili powder

The addition of infused Calabrian Oil rounds this pie out.

Baked in the BGE.


The plating surrounded by a few Margherita's.
How do you make that chili oil on the top left? Looks like you call it "ground pepper oil"
Making another round of pizzas tomorrow. Trying another crust style. Don't have any dialwhatever malt powder so trying another recipe I found. 
Made a batch of my sauce
  • 2 can tomato sauce
  • 2 can tomato paste
  • 1 whole onion
  • 5 cloves of garlic chopped
  • 2 T basil
  • 2 T oregano
  • 2 T Marjoram
  • 1 T rosemary
  • 1/2 T black pepper
  • 1/4 T cayenne
  • 1/4 T smoked pepper powder (moa bonnet and baha goat smoked over alder and cherry)
  • 1 T Sugar
  • 1 T fennel seeds
  • 1 T olive oil 
Add olive oil to pan, saute onions and garlic until translucent. Add remaining ingredients and simmer for 20-30 mins over med-low heat. Sauce would be really good with some grated parmesan but my boys have dairy allergies. 



  • 5 1/4 cups (24 ounces by weight) unbleached bread flour
  • 2 teaspoons (0.5 oz.) kosher salt
  • 1 1/4 teaspoons (0.14 oz.) instant yeast (or 1 1/2 teaspoons active dry yeast dissolved in the water)
  • 2 tablespoons (1 oz.) olive oil (optional)
  • 1 tablespoons (1/2 oz.) sugar or honey (optional)
  • 2 1/4 cups (18 oz.)
  • You can mix this by hand with a big spoon or in an electric mixer using the paddle (not the dough hook).
  • Combine all the ingredients in the bowl and mix for one minute, to form a coarse, sticky dough ball.
  • Let the dough rest for five minutes, then mix again for one minute to make a smooth, very tacky ball of dough.
  • Transfer the dough to a lightly oiled work surface, rub a little oil on your hands, and fold the dough into a smooth ball. Let it rest on the work surface for 5 minutes and then stretch and fold the dough into a tight ball. Repeat this again, two more times, at 5 minute intervals. Place the dough in a lightly oiled bowl, cover with plastic wrap, and immediately place in the refrigerator. The dough can be used anywhere from 6 hours to three days after it goes in the fridge.
  • When ready to make the pizzas, pull the dough from the refrigerator two hours prior to when you plan to bake. Divide the dough into five 8-ounce pieces (if there is any extra dough divide it evenly among the dough balls). With either oil or flour on your hands, form each piece into a tight dough ball and place on a lightly oiled pan. Mist the dough balls with spray oil and cover loosely with plastic wrap or place the pan inside a large plastic bag.
  • Give the dough at least 90 minutes before making the pizzas. If you don’t plan to use them all, place the extra dough balls inside of an oiled freezer bag and keep in the refrigerator (for up to three days) or in the freezer (for up to three months).

Can't wait to see how it turns out tomorrow.