food The Last Great Pizza Thread

Spinach Pizza.
Fife/Corn flour crust, Habanero Turmeric sauce.


Drove by Alesi Pizza today and bought some dough. It was early with only a few cars in the lot and met both of those guys in the vid. I remember coming here since I was young, probably 8 or 9. Didn't remember it being cracker crust but I might have messed it up along the way,

Then went to the store and robbed the salad bar and bought some cheese. How can you get pizza toppings cheaper? Shredded ham, pepperoni, bacon, black olives and red bells, all for $6. It's almost like stealing, was that wrong? A few other ingredients and I'm ready for pizza.


And then it begins.
Oven at 500F-check
Pizza stone cooking for 40 minutes in the oven-check
Time to start




Next pizza started, Let's call it a bunch of stuff pizza

more stuff

and some

then more

cheese is good right, like milk?

more healthey veggies

Just wanted to let Mom know I finished my salad!!!



You had me at ranch.
I'd roll around.
On that pizza.
Like a rabid wolf in heat.
And then.
I'd give it teh rabies.
And eat the hell out of it.
Chorizo857_62J said:
Will look for it down here.  Never seen it before, but there's always the internet.
Unless you're in Alaska.
Or some parts of Washington State.
You won't find it.
I have to use Amazon Prime.
But well worth it.
Ingredient #3 is artificial flavor. Damn, that's a lot of artificial flavor! 
The Hot Pepper said:
You forgot Ranch! :shocked:
One time in Alaska.
Back in the day of.
The caveman.
The troglodyte.
I ate at a restaurant.
Might have been Gwennies on Spenard.
I got a chicken fried steak.
But no white gravy.
Instead it had melted scheeze.
And an Alaskan portion.
Of ranch dressing.
Along with tomato.
Dill pickles.
And yes.
Served with french fries.
Covered in queso.
The waitress had 2 orgasms.
Just bringing the plate to me.
Si senor!
It was that good.
After I ate it.
I had visions.
Of mating with wild rabid she werewolves.
And howling.
Like banshee's at midnight.
But yeah.
Ranch dressing.
Is probably bad for y'all.
That doesn't sound too bad. Like a salad on a sammie.
I'm used to chicken parmigiana. You know, the pounded fried chicken breast with sauce and cheese. But once I got it... milanese... basically a salad on top, but was arugula, sliced cherry (or grape) tomatoes, tossed in olive oil, with shaved parmigiano reggiano. You will never go back!!!!! Okay you will. But salad on meat still rules.
It wasn't Gwennies.
Its clear to me now.
It was the Fly In.
Owner/Operated by my Albanian amigo.
John Matika.
Early 80's.
Ever once in while.
I gave him a day off on weekends.
The beer battered deep fried.
Halibut sammich.
With cheese and bacon.
Would make your wife cheat on you!
For a sandwich.
In Alaska.
We do that kine sheeit.