food The Last Great Pizza Thread



Believe it or not the taco pizza in the background is the real winner. Despite the appearance of the crust, the interior is quite thin
Guatemalan Insanity Pepper said:
no thanks 
Mexican style.
Sour cream.
Cilantro it.
Lime juice it.
Squeeze bottle it.
Splooge it.
I done it many time.
So good.
You'll cook.
Butt naked in the kitchen.
At 2am.
I've been accused of being.
Lewd and suggestive.
I am not.
I only suggest it.
The Hot Pepper said:
SNF, that's so nice of you to honor the Bum with the Maine pizza shape! :rofl:
My pies always look like some rorschach test when rolled, despite my efforts to the contrary.  ;)
SmokenFire said:
Alfredo, bacon, jalas, artichoke, mushroom, onion, garlic, chicken, parmesan, fresh mozzarella

Thin cracker crust crispy at the edges and just a bit fold-y in the middle.
 Ralphster, my brother, is there any way I could bum your dough recipe off you? There is a place in Nebraska called La Casa that has the best pizza I've ever eaten and I can't replicate the crust for the life of me. Thin cracker-type crust with a chewiness thats hard to match. 
Cracker crust is my favorite.
I've made and eaten it.
A thousand times.
But I don't reckon.
That its much chewy.
More crunch and less chew.
Chewy would be more thin crust no?