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hot-sauce The most expensive hot sauce on the market

Let us all come back to reality, hot sauce is nothing more than basic ingredients even if pure capsicum is added (which that might be worthy of a added price since the labor)
Though in the end hot sauce is only worth what the next person is willing to pay you for it, kind of like crypto, who's the next fool ?
No offense, but at the same time my point is true and to the point !
Then you have those " Special Editions " or " Limited editions " .... if you spend more than $10 on them , then you have been had (Fool)
Consider buying hot sauce bottles as a enjoyment of your passion, not a investment of any kind !
Because investment wise, hot sauce bottles is the dumbest investment someone would make for a financial gains.
I'm sorry to be blunt but its fact !
Take that money and invest it somewhere else.
First, understanding this has been bumped recently and it might be "funny" to some, this community shouldn't be hating on B. Michael, nor exploiting, right?

That said.

Any updates,here?

Looking for untouchable flavors that compliment edible 24k gold leaf, kobe beef and, bird's nest.

No cap. 🤣🤡


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