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contest The Next Throwdown is...

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The Hot Pepper

For the next TD in 2014, see the highlighted green post at the top.
Hey guys the poll worked out awesome!

I took the top 6 which are:
1. Pizza (28)
2. Asian (22)
3. Mexican (22)
4. Burgers (21)
5. Secret Ingredient (21)
6. Seafood (21)

And we'll definitely do those 6, and alternate the other 6 with mystery or more top picks.
  • Jan: 1st of top 6 (Chopped from the Secret Ingredient vote)
  • Feb: Super Bowl Finger Foods
  • Mar: 2nd of top 6 (Curry from the Asian vote)
  • Apr: Can You Win A Throwdown?
  • May: 3rd of top 6 (Combo de Mayo from the Mexican vote)
  • June: Triple Play BBQ
  • July: 4th of top 6 (Extreme Burgers from the Burger vote)
  • Aug: Specialty Hot Sauce
  • Sep: 5th of top 6 (Seafood Sandwich from the Seafood vote)
  • Oct: My Oktoberfest
  • Nov: 6th of top 6 (Pizza)
  • Dec: One Pot Meal
So we WILL be doing those 6, but not in any order just some hints above... let's leave some mystery to ALL of them.

So January is officially Secret Ingredient (Chopped-style), and please keep all future TD discussions in this topic for 2013.

The secret ingredients are:

See post below.
OH BOY OH BOY!!!!!! I am truly excited......... :dance: I am down for this schedule.

Let's get it on y'all!!!!!!!!!!!!

Boss..... you have looked funny as the little gray man lately ;)
Boss, you little tease....;)
It's Wednesday afternoon where I am ;)

I find myself in the rare position of having enough spare time to participate in this throwdown. So bring the secret ingredient on! :onfire:
This Friday - Sunday is the Chopped-Style Throwdown! I hope y'all are down! Now get shopping, the ingredients in the basket are:
  • Beef short ribs
  • Red wine
  • Panko bread crumbs
  • Canned creamed corn
The rest is up to you!

You MUST use all ingredients, do not hide them, showcase them, and transform them from their original state where possible. You may use any other ingredients from your pantry and fridge except another meat or fish protein (you can use stock/bouillon/fat). Don't add too much, this is a challenge. App, entree, dessert, or a combo. Plate, sides, sammie, whatever. The ingredients do not need to be used together, but separate dishes may hurt you. Cohesion is the key... and transformation. Don't just cook short ribs with a side of corn people!

Needs to be spicy, as usual. Good luck. Official start is Friday.

PS. The wine needs to be in your dish, not in your glass. ;)

I cannot stress this enough, do not add meat or fish proteins. Adding bacon, for example... disqualified. However bacon fat would be allowed.
  • Beef short ribs
  • Red wine
  • Panko bread crumbs
  • Canned creamed corn
Now I got some ideas formanicating in my head. Hopefully nothing comes up this weekend, I love the chopped TDs
do it wheebz! Sounds great!

Helluva basket, Boss, I'm totally in on this one.

I'm working on a few magic tricks for it.

I hope the masses show up...I gonna bring it this time!
I got a hair-brained idea, found I had sufficient ingredients in the house to experiment a tad, and have experiment #1 in the overn...... sometimes I scare myself! ;)
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