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contest The Next Throwdown is...

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The Hot Pepper

July is Extreme Burgers!
This is whatever extreme means to you. But it better be extreme! Sliders with pickled 'penos ain't winning here.
Does extreme mean 8 patties, 16 slices of cheese, and 16 slices of bacon? [1]
Does extreme mean a mixed-superhot chili burger with pickled scorpions, deep fried habanero rings, and bhut ketchup? [2]
Does extreme mean a kobe beef and alligator sausage burger with quail eggs and caviar? [3]
Size... heat... ingredients, however you choose to make it extreme is up to you!
  • Reaching a high or the highest degree.
  • Denoting or relating to a sport performed in a hazardous environment and involving great physical risk.
  • Not usual; exceptional.
Happy grilling (or however you cook) on Indepenence Weekend!
:fire:  BWAHAHAHAHAHA THIS IS POST 666! EVIL!  :fire: 
Great Throwdown!!!!!!!
I hope everyone enters this one! We all make burgers for the 4th. 
They even have the 4th of July in other countries (they just don't give a shit about why it's special!)
It looks like the only rule is to go EXTREME!!!!!


Extreme Member
shizzey,ive already made 3 extreme burgers for yall and couldnt even get a vote! i might get in on this as long as im feeling its not rigged ;)  ;)
I'm def in on this one.
Still haven't narrowed down my final yet, but I'm in. 
I hope you all are too. It's gonna be fun.
Hey boss, can you start it Thursday in case anyone wants to go bananas on the 4th? 
Just askin...(I don't know if anyone will take advantage, but most people will have the grill goin!)
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