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TheGreenChileMonster Fires Up The Weber Smokey Mountain

I'm doing some beef dino ribs today. I like to cook them as a mix of BBQ styles. Low and slow with lots of smoke, American BBQ style. I only use coarse salt as a direct seasoning on the ribs, but I make a salmuera to baste them with, Argentine style. I'll be using my WSM. I got my WSM about 2 months ago, and I've smoked a whole lamb, briskets, chickens, salmon, beef dinos, pork ribs, and pork butts. I've become very familiar with maintaining specific temps on the smoker. This will be 250 degrees all the way til it's done.

Rib blocks untrimmed

Rib blocks trimmed of the silverskin, and excess fat.

Ribs hit the Weber at 12:45. I'm using oak, hickory, and a bit of mesquite.
I just boned out this succulent leg of NZ lamb, and slapped it on a skewer to grill. I freaking love

I'll be saving the bones for stock at some point in the future.


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MikeUSMC said:
Oh, DAAAAAAAAAAAMN!!!!!!! I see a lot of drinking in your immediate future! :lol:

I might be doing a brisket on Friday into Saturday. Just one though ;)
I'm making three different batches of jungle juice for the party

We also picked up a bunch of top shelf bottles of booze, and there will be a ton of beer, including premium local crafties. It's a pool party too, and the groom to be is bringing his PA system and turntables, so we'll be taking turns on the wheels of steel all day as well
Thegreenchilemonster said:
A spit roasted leg of lamb, drizzled with green chile chimichurri...blistered shishitos and aji dulces, pan fried okra, and an aji charapita salsa criolla
WOW!  That's about the best looking plate I've seen in a long time!
Round 2 of prep for the party. I made a sofrito/mojo style marinade with some fresh aji dulces from my garden, a bunch of culantro, garlic, olive oil, cumin, citrus, and a rocoto for a whack of flavor.

I removed the silver skin and excess fat from these 15 lbs. of entrañas, cut them into medium steak sized pieces, then pounded them out with a mallet. I massaged all of that sofrito into the meat, then covered the bowl to marinate til grilling time on Sunday.


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