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chinense Tobago Scotch Bonnet

Hi guys :)
Thanks to Chris again he reminded me with this Scotch Bonnet from Tobago, another treasure from Trinidad/Tobago region VERY large pod with low to medium heat we used a lot of this pepper for stuffing with rice and meat trust me it’s better than bell pepper, very strong roman and just enough to spice up the stuffing were everyone enjoys the meal
Chris may have pic and can verify if this is the same Bonnet he sent me two weeks ago, I am still planning his seeds even it’s the same variety because this plant is worth having in the backyard
i grew this in both yellow and red this year. both produced a lot of chiles. the yellows are on the bottom left and the reds in the middle. very nice variety.

yes Buddy your right i have the red but not the yellow i guess i need to add that to my list :D so i can offer it on the website. the red Tobago Scotch Bonnet you showing is the same one i posted as u said they taste great