kitchenware Vacuum bags that dry rice doesn't puncture???

I've gone thru two cheap "Heavy Duty" freezer/sealer bags now for the FoodSaver, trying to bag up some dried rice. They seem alright initially, but the seal is obviously failed the next day, due to small pinholes created by the rice, when sealing. Anyone ever bag rice with these and know of a decently priced bag that will get me there? Or should I just be sealing them without vacuum packing them? I'm lost.
You are right though, silica works in beef jerky pouches but a product you dump into a pot it should not be in.
And I have never bought homemade instant rice in a mason jar lol.
Never say "Never".. Haha. I'd much rather get them into a soft pack, like they use for instant rice. I would like to sell the stuff eventually, and be able to ship it. Even as a gift, I'd like it to be more portable. Something you could throw in the stuff for camping or the hotel and make up if you have a burner.. For when the SHTF! 😆😃😀😨:shh::seeya:
Since this is something that has a nod towards commercial distribution...
Looks like a thicker pouch is needed. You can order a 'UGE combination of package dimensions and bag thicknesses from commercial suppliers. It has been a while since i have asked, but Uline packaging used to send out samples of bags and such. Might be worth contacting them for a couple sizes and thicknesses.

At a shared use kitchen i used to use, they had a commercial vac pac machine, i think it was about $1500. If going commercial, that would be one thing you would have to invest in.

Use the cheapo vac bags to dial in the package size for the quantity of the serving while trying to get some samples.

With vac pacs, you can buy long rolls and cut and seal each one, or look at suppliers like Uline where you can buy the size pocket you need. Fill it and seal it in the chamber on one side.

Thanks for the info and Have Fun!!!

PS... i prolly shouldn't suggest this, as it will involve a WHOLE lot of other regs, but you may want to research things with an eye towards the boil-in-bag presentation.
If it's for the trail, you could also turn this into a savory puffed rice bar. I mean, NOBODY is doing a savory one commercially! If this stuff is as good as you say it is, you should try to make:



I can see you on Shark Tank now, just remember the little people 😁

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Puffed rice mushroom trail bar.. Sounds like something you give out for Halloween to discourage repeat visitors. Haha. I like it though!

Originally I was just looking for some way to save/convert the broth to a shelf stable form I could easily use later. As rice, I can use it as is for a meal or with one.. Or I could buzz it to powder and use it to make a gravy or sauce.

I'm gonna have to let the puffed rice idea culture in my mind a little. I doubt I'm going anywhere fast around here. Everytime I find something I want to run with I end up finding a big chasm that stops me from moving forward. My wings were clipped a long time ago, so I'm not able to fly over things like some people.
For instance.. I called the only two share kitchens around here I could locate, and neither has any real equipment like I need for packaging, you have to bring it all in yourself. The one guy I was going to work with here in town lost the spot they had the Grocery/Kitchen at and haven't set shop up again yet.. Not sure if they plan to or not yet, but I'm hoping.

@salsalady Those sealers you are talking about.. So you mean the ones that do internal sealing? I see them for like 400$ on Ama.. I'm not sure I understand where the real line between professional and home really is? The way they write stuff up, they try to act like everything is made for commercial use, until you read the fine print.

Also, you were talking about boil-in-bag.. I'd really like to do like a marinade-in-bag mushrooms thing that you could either boil up or dump into a stir fry or something. Where would you recommend reading up on that type of process? I'd love to just jerk some mushrooms and bag them in a shelf stable format, without having to dry them.
Haha.. People say I'm too sensitive. I don't know what circles of life you walk, but you try to offer most people around here some mushroom trail bars..

No one said it was a bad idea.

I looked into making puffed rice before, for trail bars (not with mushrooms) and thought I recall there being a less oily process that didn't involve sand.. I never did it though, so it didn't stick.. And I've lost it now. I think he mentioned using sand or something in that vid you posted.. Have you done any rice puffing? My better half has a real aversion to deep frying things.
LOL it's just a Shark Tank gif. I thought it was funny. Don't read too much into it.
LOL it's just a Shark Tank gif. I thought it was funny. Don't read too much into it.

You know, I thought that was Regis in the picture.. When you said Shark Tank, I kept thinking of that show where they go around building aquariums for the Elite. This is that show where they decide if people think an idea is worth investing in, right?
I don't really watch a lot of TV anymore, so the references get a bit lost on me at times.. Maybe I'm just getting old.

The more I look at bags, the more I just want to stick with glass jars. I didn't see anything promising on ULINE or Amazon. There's the Mylar bag option, but I don't know much about those either.. I want to say that's what the instant rice mixes come in, but they also come in boxes, don't they?

Now salsalady has me all worried about botulism too, so I'm going to have to read up on that again.