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Well... Hello (again)

It's been about a bazillion years since I've been on here. By the looks of things I have a LOT of catching up to do, and a million new members to welcome. For those of you who know me, I'm no longer in New Mexico... My wife and I headed a little further west and are living on the San Francisco Bay. Ah....HOME! Took me 25 years to get back out here, but alas, I'm back!

Still growing my peppers, but not having a very prolific season. :( Hope to remedy that next year.

Welcome back DD! I have been gone quite a bit myself, been out to sea lately but am back at my new home for the time being.
:welcome: back DD.

You still making your sauces? :flamethrower:
:welcome: back! Are you doing sound in SF?
Wow! Lots of questions to answer. Ok. Yes, I'm still making my sauce...when my plants decide to put out enough.

Not running sound for anyone, yet. I have an "in" with the Escovedo Family (You'd probably know the name Shelia E.) and should know something next week. Haven't had much of a chance to play either. I'm itching to get out the drums, but I work swing shift and that really doesn't allow me time to join a band. All in due time.

My biggest hot sauce goal this year is to make a 100% Douglah sauce. But, seeing the was things are growing this year... I might get one bottle.
Welcome back, Lynn!
Sorry for the late reply. missed ya much, brother! it's really good seeing you here. :)

Cheers for a wonderful and prolific season! :cheers:
Welcome back, DD. Tho I did not get to know you before you left, I do hope to get to know you now. Hope you have a better crop next year aswell as some time to do what you enjoy.