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music What Are You Listening To Right Now?

I have a good feeling for your music taste now, that's for sure. ;)

Also, the 12 year old was really digging this song. (Do we still use 'digging'?)
You should have seen when we were out in the gardens and I played that for my parents. We were near their chicken coop and the chickens all came to the fence and listened intently.

The song is a bit of an inside joke. A while back, I mentioned to a coworker that we lost a chicken (eaten) overnight and wondered what did it. She sang, “what does the fox say?”

As far as my music tastes, I’ll post some examples another time, but I like a lot of symphonic metal (Epica, Nightwish, Apocalyptica, and some of the darker stuff like Tristania, etc) depending on mood and have also been on a Halestorm kick recently.
@noway2 A song with a story is always a good song. I dig (😎) 'What does the fox say' even more now.

As not to go too much off-topic. I'm about to listen to 'Moi je joue'. My dad used to play it LOUD and swirl me around the room whenever it played. I can never listen to it without smiling.