heat What do you guys think is the hottest pepper is?

I know that "officially" it is the butch t, but what I am asking you guys is what strains do you feel are hotter than the butch t?
brown 7 pod is hotter that butch t, brain strain red is hotter that butch t as well

I've yet to try the 7 Pod Brown, but Ed (naganumbness) says it's the hottest he has tried, and he's tried pretty much everything. I agree that Brain Strain is right up there with Butch T, but the almighty Douglah is the hottest pepper I have personally tried.
like Judy said, plus this is just my .02 but most super hot trinidad peppers at any given time in the right conditions could be hotter than the Butch T. but when you get That HOT its really hard to tell what is hotter! this subject will allways be talked about on here and the same answers will always be given!
Hottest I have ever personally tried was a douglah. It was waaaaaay hotter than the butch t or the brain strain I tried. It is the only pepper to ever send me into a panic mode!
douglah is a monster for real... but the brown 7pod has bigger pod and i think this is what made Ed say its hotter... the douglah has very acidic taste..
Is the "brain strain" even stable? I wonder because most, if not all of the brain strain out there are from OP pods. How can you any kind of uniform heat levels from an unstable variety?
the hottest ive grown was INFINITY and they are definally up there in heat i would say they are at least as hot as butch t

thanks your friend Joe
I'm sure there's tons of bhuts out there that are hotter(and milder) than the bhut pod that was tested that put it in its fame n glory. IMO with soooo many opinions on whats hottest, the same theory applies to all the other record holders or strains that have yet to be tested. Watch, I guarantee you this coming year the Butch T will be knocked off its thrown.. There will always be something a tad hotter than the last. Also, very few growers send pods to be tested each year, I'm sure the competitor list for the title is very small..

For instance.. If they sold somewhat inexpensive packages of scoville heat rating strips that made it so you could test any of your pods at home.. I bet you every super hot grower on here has grown pods, whether it be brain, 7brown, douglah, an accidental cross, or the current n former holders themselves that would test hotter than the 1.5 mil the butch T pod tested in at. I think it's impossible to have one strain of chile, that will always be hotter than all the rest. There's just way too many variables involved.

Moral of the story, superhots will always be... SuperHot.
Just my 2 cents :)

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Hottest I tried and it burnt my hands badly, was Liberian Birdseye. A tiny , dark green annum , outstanding flavour.Sounds like a BIG FISH story, but it was good. Surprising how quickly the oils spread up my hands, arms and burned.Probably wasn't that hot maybe, just etched into memory, cos it burnt me so quickly and badly.
Hottest I ever tried was a Brain Strain. Made me sick from 1/4 of a pod, and I threw up it was so painful!! It was instantly after I ate it that I got a violent stomach ache, and my mouth was burning far worse than Scorpions or Nagas or anything else in that general heat level. My vote is for Brain Strain, though there are plenty such as 7-Pot Brown, Douglah, etc. that I haven't tried, so that may change as I try more in the future!