powder-flake What pepper to use for sweet Paprika powder??

Good afternoon.
I see lots of paprika powder for sale. The one thing I do not find is seeds of "Paprika" or "Paprica" for sale.
Any suggestions?
I have seeds extracted from smoke-dried authentic Bola, Jaranda and Jeromin peppers. They all germinate reasonably well. I especially like the Jeromin variety (which is the pepper that is used in the hot version of pimenton).

I shared the Jeromin seeds with Neil from The Hippy Seed Company who grew them out and made a nice review of it...
The best paprika (pimenton) I have ever had (and used last night in my baked beans) is Castillo by Ranch Gordo:
The peppers are smoke-dried in Spain (it's reminiscent of a chipotle power, but the flavor is deeper and richer) and it's a blend of Jaranda and Jariza peppers. 100% recommended. Would love to try some if anyone here makes it. 😁
We smoked some. Dried. Best ever. Will have to try the Spanish ones.
Smoke-drying is a combination process that takes days. I think chipotles are smoke-dried for six days.