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favorite What's your favorite brand of hot dog?

More doggy goodness:





***Yeah....there are hotdogs under that last plate.....and I can prove it. ;)
  :drooling:  :drooling:  :drooling:  :drooling:
oh my  :shocked:
think my stomach filled with nothing more than sun dried tomato bagel, and bloody Mary  :drooling:  :hotsauce:  :beer:   just did a backflip in anticipation celebration
i wish i could eat all 5 of those last plating's  :metal:
nom nom num 
salsalady said:
Just watches the Nathan's Dog-eating Contest.   :eek:  not sure if the final count was 64 or 74 dogs, apparently there was a problem with the counting....but HolySmokes!!!!  I feel like hurling just watching the contest!
And then we watched some cornholing.....
true story~~~
Post of the Year!!!
The hot dog eggs benny.
Chefs in Paris are kicking themselves in the balls.
Because they didn't think of it first!
In regards to the "assault weapon" in the pic.
It is not.
It is a semi automatic AK47 variant that only fires one round per trigger pull.
7.62x39 commie ammo for cheapness.
Fun as hell to shoot.
And goes great with hot dogs!
Is that a PMAG????
Say it ain't so!
Paulky I like to be liking Polish steel mags.
Got about 30 of em.

In the world of commie 7.62x39 rock n' roll....
This rifle is Iron Butterflyevski.

Ina-Gada-Da-Vidakof beetch's!


Business Member
texas blues said:
I thought we were in the GUNS thread.
My badsky.

Cross-posting of a whole other kind~~~  :lol: