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favorite What's your favorite hot sauce?

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Superhot? REALLY Superhot?

What do you consider 'SUPERhot'? Sauces are relative to a person's tolerance and experiences with hot sauces. Tell us what you like, we can prolly throw out some suggestions.

Nice selection there, Marturo. Several years ago, I cleaned out the fridge and ended up with something like 250 old bottles of hot sauce, pretty much all of which got pitched. can't find the pic~~~ Had to go with the "1 in-1 out" method...
I'm typically chasing more taste experiences than heat, and I really like to make my own stuff from the garden, but here are some of my staples:

Nando's Peri Peri-nice heat, citrusy and versatile. Make a shrimp scampi or a fish dish with this one-wow!
Walkerswood Scotch Bonnet-keeps the fruity flavor of the scotch bonnet and adds other flavors such as thyme. A nice Caribbean sauce.
Walkerswood Junkanoo Sauce-a good, peppery, hot Caribbean flavor
Some of Melinda's sauces are not so good, but I really like the black truffle ghost, ghost pepper wing sauce, and ghost pepper sauces. Their Trinidad Moruga Sauce is very good as well. The black truffle ghost has become a staple in my chicken salad. I use about 50-50 mayo/black truffle ghost sauce, and some diced celery and diced pickles.

That's all that is coming to be at the moment, I'll pop back in as I think of more. I'm really looking forward to getting my hands on some Bertie's sauces at some point. I hear really good things.
i recently tried valentina as well, just about to finish the bottle soon. i will vouch that it's good, but i didn't find it outstanding. kind of tastes to me like the flavour of store-bought chili powder combined with a standard hot sauce. good value for what it is ($3.49 canadian at walmart)
Sulsa sent me a jar of Trini Mustard last year and it was delicious
My favourite is whatever is open - currently enjoying Encona :D
I don't have a favorite because each flavor profile is good on certain things IMO. I like Tabasco on anything with marinara sauce & breakfast food. Chipotle Tabasco is great mixed with mayo & on pizza. Crystal is great on fried seafood. Sriracha & Huy Fong chili garlic sauce for Asian & Indian foods. I really like Frank's also. None of them are spicy enough though. I have been fermenting cayenne peppers with reapers, ghosts & scorpion peppers to make my own much spicier version of Franks for wing sauce & the like.
Valentina is a good basic hot sauce - actually made in Mexico. It seems to be the predominant one at the more authentic Mexican restaurants around here. @growyourown - as far as tasting like chile powder, it's made from Puya peppers, so that's not surprising.

We keep it on hand mostly for guests and famliy members who don't like the heat, but I use it sometimes if I'm not looking for anything specific or hot.