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Just got my seeds from WHP.  They sent me so many extra, I forgot what I ordered. Site said they were out of fatallis,so for the hell of it I put in a note asking for some. They sent me some. Fantastic place. I’m so excited, I want to start planting now. I still have a bunch of plants outside I need to prepare for overwintering.
Got my seeds today. Justin included five extra varieties on top of the order. His seeds have proven to easily sprout for myself so I use them. I had concerns about the covid delays on shipping and he had put an extra page describing the delays he has been experiencing and what to expect as a customer. Hint: Next time spend an extra couple of bucks and get the tracking number! Trust me, if something goes wrong you'll thank yourself. Thankfully, my seeds were not delayed and arrived 16 days after shipping. Typical is 21 because of a border crossing so I can't complain.  
Received my order from WHP today, took just 12 days to arrive here in Belgium. Ordered 6 varieties and got another 4 as a freebie 🙂. Seeds were sent as a postcard so no import taxes either (which is an issue now with vendors from outside the European union). I'm happy for that as WHP has the most extensive list of scotch bonnet seeds 😉
I ordered 7 Pot Nebru and 7 Pot Jonah, received about 3 days later (in a neighboring state). Something I really appreciate about White Hot Peppers is how many seeds are in a pack.

7 Pot Nebru: 40+ seeds
7 Pot Jonah: 30+ seeds
7 Pot Brainstrain Red (freeby): 30+ seeds
Scotch Brains (freeby): 15 seeds

Last order from them, every packet was 15 seeds, so I think that’s what they consider a minimum. Still 50% more than most others offer, and maybe you’ll hit the jackpot like I did!

My favorite US vendor to use, when they have what I need.
Well, Justin has done it again. Ordered some seeds. Didn’t need any. Just thought I would support a friend and fellow Chilehead in our community. I’ve been out of the circle for some time due to family illness. I’m glad to hear he’s still in business as well as others and are doing well. Got some extras. Justin Style.

Go check out his stock. If your seasons short like mine, time to get them Super’s started soon.


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WHP II... I wanted to give that a try this season, I still had an old seed pack laying around, but the 2 seedlings that came up turned out to be very weak. Have to order that one again some day for next seasons grow...