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Winter Grow in a spare bedroom

Cheers ALL!

I started this a few weeks ago. I have 4 over winter plants. Reaper, Chocolate Moruga, Cappuccino Scotch Bonnet and the fourth lol I forgot. Either not chocolate primo or PurpleghostScorpion.

Seed layout has 6 or 7 herb varieties... I currently have a few germination activity. Reaper, Lemon Drop, cilantro and chocolate Moruga... Thanks for looking.

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Paul it's a blast! It has been extra fun starting the Krakty totes and a few singles... The addition of The Rocoto species via CaneDog has been super fun. Looking forward to F8 aka Trippaul threat via PaulG and VSRP via PollenNut if I can get it to germ. It's been over 2 weeks. It has been also exciting seeing my OW's take off and show superior growth via MB no neem and patience lol. I probably have a dozen that didn't make it between the first set up and the second. That said I believe I'll have 30 or so containers that's a lot to shuffle around on the deck lol. Cheers sir always appreciate visitors!!! Thank you.

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Awesome looking grow, Bookers! I'm excited to see what'll come of your pubes. I decided not to grow any pubescens this year, but I'm feeling sorry I did. Next year I'll be planting a bunch for sure.
I really love them, though I've just been able to get them to set fruit once, a few years back. I feel by now I'll do a lot better so I'm going to give it another try come 2021.
I'm going to start scouting which varieties I want to grow already so I'll have enough time to secure all the seeds. I'll be keeping a close eye to your glog!
Bookers said:
Awesome! Actually I have 2 Tatiana F5 and XL Brown...I added 1 cause I was bored lol
I did get 2 hooks same time with the hyper F2
I'll keep you posted...
I think you'll be happy with the addition of the Tatiana.  I didn't grow any to full size last season - just small containers to get a feel for them and the F5 seeds - but they were vigorous plants and the pods have a very cool arrowhead-type shape to them.  They produced fairly early too, as I remember.
Hola, Mi Gente!

Hello, my people!

Well kratky plants have super large leaves.... I'm lost at what to do. They're getting very big. I have switched the labels and holes between tall and short plants... I don't want to put in dirt yet with a couple months to go till last frost.
Seeds im waiting for are. Tatiana F5 yellow, VSRP, JRGS and maybe 1 or 2 more.
OWs really green and mean! Dance:)
Reaper still flat line...mope:(
Gift Chocolate moruga scorpions separated awaiting their new homes. Prob wait till last frost too...
Here are some pictures! Sorry I did rush on the pics...

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CaneDog said:
The spare room is filling out.  Going to be something in another month or so the way those are growing. 
What varieties are you starting in the new solos?
Thank you CD...Tatiana again they didn't germ 1st time. Awesome O, Giant Red 3 seeds each cup. If I get more than 1 each I'll have extra. "Dance"

PS Scroll back to feb 16 these are double in size. Haha liquid spinach...

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Hey McBooks, do ya take your OW plants outside for a nice little field trip on these nice warm prespring days? [emoji848] Let them get some real light and some fresh air, eh. Got mine out it’s 47* here, just have to remember to bring them in at the end of the day [emoji16]

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Haha Noiiice! No I haven't. They have been under red white and blue leds since late oct 2019 I just found a couple junk tables and im letting them get the light through the window for now... They are ready to rumble lol...

Im dreading the work cut out for me with in the next couple weeks. Seems as though I will put the small rocoto peppers in the Kratky tub's and put the large kratky plants in double solo... I will prob get some good soil or sterilize some I have from last year and pot up a few others... Happy Happy Joy Joy...
I should put up a grow list too... Thanks Pt

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