event ZestFest 2006

I will not be attending, but if one comes to Los Angeles or near it...I'll be there in a heart beat(a whale heart beat, not a humming bird heart beat).
Again arises the difficulty with being Canadian and taking money from Americans in the States... Government hoops can be a pain. I doubt we'll have our US incorporation done by then, but it is on our list of shows to do.

I don't have great difficulty with attending the show, I have difficulty selling product at a show where I can't sell product.

No.. I'm saying YOU should go, it should be a great show. I can't sell my sauces there, unless I hire an American to sell my sauces for me or bring someone with me who knows my sauces but also has a US citizenship.

It seems that I'm allowed to come down there, set up a booth, show off my stuff, let everyone taste it, but I can't sell it directly to Americans, I have to take orders then send them from Canada.

I dunno about you, but going to a hot sauce show to wait two to three weeks for a jar of sauce is daft. Blame the FDA.

I don't mind seeing about planning for a visit. But it would be a vacation thingy, it's more a retail show than a trade show. IYKWIM.

Actually, I'm not sure it's the FDA, I think its the IRS actually.

I think I'll just have to throw my own fiery foods show up here!


Gotta do Ft. Worth girl! The show is great but as an added bonus the town doesn't have all the hangups one suffers in ABQ, NM. :) :( :party: :party: :party: :party: :party: :party: :party: :party: :party: :party: :party: :party:






Tina Brooks said:
Hmmph, well, if I do throw a Fiery Foods of some sort, I'll invite you two anyway.


HAH I was just kiddin. Actually it ticks us off too. We partner with many small companies and sometimes the FDA just makes it impossible for these little companies to survive. It seems as though avery other week the FDA is making you guys change your Nut Charts. I try to stay on top of it as much I can. We are in the process of printing some labels for a smaller Co. right now and are highly recommending that Co. to get their Trans Fat info on the label so they don't have to do it down the road. It's amazing how many products do not have trans fat listed.