event ZestFest 2006

The whole "trans fat" thing is an absolute joke. If you're sitting down to a big fat plate of hot wings, I really don't think you're concerned about trans fatty acids. The FDA is a mixed blessing and necessary evil. Yeah, sometimes the laws seem stupid and petty, sometimes not. However, without them, there would be no controls. Personally I prefer not having to seriously worry about ingesting a pathogen soup every time I open a container of anything to eat.
I much prefer socialism to voluntary oppressionism. :lol:

Uh oh... watch out, John, we're talking politics again.

Note to self: self, run away.

Oh I dunno, personally I see something wrong with people simply having free rein to riffle through my things without requiring my presence.

But what do I know, I'm a socialist.

Exactly, and in theory, you don't own anything, everything you have is everyones. Here, the only people worried and whining about being searched are the ones who have something to hide. Those are the same people who constatntly complain about everything, and then bleat like sheep for "security".
chuk hell said:
Fort Worth is striking distance for me....Hmmm...

Don't forget about the Austin Hot Sauce Festival in August.

Whoa...someone actually talking about the actual theme of this thread. Somebody pinch me...
For all of those attending, where are you staying? I heard the Stockyards is pretty cool and that is where most of the action is. We are getting real close to pulling the trigger on thhis show
I am waiting for June (who is running the show) to send me a packet of info with all the nearby hotels, ill let you know as soon as I get it :mouthonfire:
Excellent, thank you. Did you already book? If so what booth do you have? We want to be by people we know. We have done the Fiery-Foods show twice but never ZestFest so it would be nice to be around people we know.
Austin hot sauce Festival??? First I heard of that one. Houston Hot Sauce festival, we've heard of...

What I want to know is, from a retail sales standpoint, which show is the best and how many people attend each? If Albuquerque is the biggest, I'm thinking these are itty bitty shows and we're better off as industry attendees.