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ZONE 5/6

It's sunny and 60 here. Fall garlic comming up and raised beds getting uncovered and shit put on. I'm crossing my fingers the ice age is over. So whats it look like in your piece of heaven?
zone 3a, mininum 2 feet of snow on the garden, roads are ice covered, yesterday at 5pm it was -20C, today(almost noon) it is -6C.
i am still in the peak of winter - snow should start clearing up by mid may, thank god for a gas furnace....but inside the house, pepper plants everywhere.


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Zone 7a. 66 degrees but overcast. Working new compost and manure into the bed and getting new starts ready for april.
Right on the zone 5/6 border, it's sunny and 60 degrees. :cool: It was 65 the last 2 days and stayed pretty warm through the night. Hard to imagine that power was out two weeks ago from the massive ice storm. Hopefully that little rat was right. :dance:
zone 8 , about 76 degrees today but night temps are still in the 40s. about 3 weeks and the overwintered plants go outside. then i'll put the seedlings on the deck to harden off. it's amazing what a difference it makes when i get off my ass and do things on time! it won't be long now.
i have one of those MS Vista weather gadgets on my computer.
it doesn't tell me if it is in F or C, i read it wrong..... :cry: ........ it was -6F... :eek: we went out shopping an damn that was cold.
right now at 7am, its -11F, i'm going back to bed!
my backyard:


my front yard:


if you are feeling sorry for me, you can always send some jarred heat or money, that always warms me up.

poor Sparky, she has to pee real fast, standing on the extreme, cold outside surfaces suck the warmth from her legs and we have to keep a close watch on her when we put her outside. she does have little doggie boots but they tend to fall off and make it difficult for her to walk.
Zone 4b. We're supposed to get freezing rain tonight, and up to 10 inches of snow tomorrow. Further north a little bit (an hour or so) theyr'e supposed to get 10-15 inches of wet, sloppy snow.

What really makes it hard, is for the week prior to this, we had warm temps up in the 30's and 40's. Even created above 50 for a bit.

It's still 64 here at around midnight. The Texas Bird Pepper I overwintered got to spend the night outside. Zone 5/6 is heating up fast. We're gona get some lows but I figure in less than two weeks everythings going to be alright for most of my plants to stay outside. Still got floods to contend with (raised gardens and pots) but I'm glad I got a great start. Usually around here when the fall garlic starts comming up it's time for the warm up. This year it came up early. Been hearing from alot of you guys colder than me how bout some warmer say Tropical. I hate how short my season is I would really bitch if you even cut one day out.