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  • Hey Josh - thanks for the comments on my posts! We'll have to trade some seeds eventually - maybe for 2010 crop? If you need anything I have for 2009, LMK. Chocolate Habs, White and Gold Bullet Habs, Manzano Red, Hawaii Sweet Hot, Japones, Numex Big Jim and Burkina Yellow Scotch Bonnet.
    Hey got the letter yesterday and thank you very much I really do appreciate it. Hopefully we can continue the friendship and the trading post. Thanks again Josh joe
    I have not corresponded with her yet. The only reason I know her name is Beth is because you guys always say so many good things about her. I will have to shoot her an e-mail. Thanks for the heads up though.
    Other than that how are things going. Haven't seen any recent harvest shots from you. Mine are taking forever to ripen now with the cooler temps both day and night. How has your weather been?
    she didn't say but that she had me down on a list and she would notify me by email when she got the superhots ready...I will probably order somewhere in the neighborhood of 10-15 varieties from her...I am watching her website almost daily and when the 2008 turns to 2009 on seeds, it will be time anyway...I am hoping she gives those of us on the list "first shot" at the superhot seeds...did she say she put you on the list too?
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