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  • I got up early this morning and been busy all day. Now I'm baking cookies. Back to school tomorrow!
    Dale, sorry I thought I got back to you. I believe I sent a package your way today, what's your last name and address again. Hopefully that will bump my memory.
    Hey hey Mr. Jimmy! Thanks for checking on me, so far so good. Had a great holiday thank you very much. How was yours?

    I'm going to do some bragging and send you a picture of me, my four kids and my three grandkids via PM.
    Hello again my friend. Just wanted to give a shout out to ya to make sure you're still kickin'. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving and got to spoil those Grandkids a bit. Have a great week buddy. If you need anything give me a shout. L8R
    Hi Celeste,

    You still here? I've been busy checking out blu ray players, I think I might get one for Christmas.

    We had a ball. Hannah is such a cutie. I forgot my camera so used my phone. Not sure how the pics turned out. I'll get them posted up and let you know.

    Talk with you later.
    MOre grandbabies on the way? I know you are lovin this! So that was the trip to Des Moines. Hannah is two already? amazing!
    Sorry about the delay Jim, had to some running with the boy. Yeah, grandkids are the bomb. I've got three so far, 8, almost 2 and 6 months. Recently found out my son's lady is pregnant with twins. Too freaking cool. One of the best things I've found is when they start stinking you just hand 'em back. Ha! Take care.
    Cool Pat. She's a pretty lil lady. Have a good time at the B-day party and enjoy the grandchildren. My son gave me a granddaughter in Feb. and after the initial "I'm a Grandparent!" shock passed I realized how awesome it is to spoil the hell out of em and then send em home. Have a great night my friend.
    No worries Jim converse any way you want.

    That little lady is Hannah, my second grandchild first granddaughter. I'm going to her second B-day part this Saturday.
    Thanks again Patrick. I'll switch back to PM's after this message and I'll try to avoid posting when I'm dead tired so I don't screw up again. By the way, who's the adorable little lady in the pic up there?
    Yep got a few to spare. These came from Vincent. I gave all of my other ones away.
    OK Cool, I'll take a few. Let me check out my BC supply and I'll get back to you Jim.
    The PC-1 has heat but not superhot. I'll send ya some of the one's listed. I'd take the BC seeds if you have a few to spare, but don't cut yourself short. Damn man......102 different varieties! About how many of those have you gotten to sample first hand? Don't say all or my envy might kill me:lol: I may be asking you many questions closer to go time before next spring. I've learned alot from you all, but there's still much to know. Later man!
    PC-1 is the Naga that has no heat right? Wrong? Don't have any of the others you mention either Jim. I organized my seeds somewhat last night and I have 102 different varieties.

    If you have something really sweet I'll trade ya otherwise I'm good to go.

    Do you need me to send the Bishop Crown seeds then?
    Hey buddy! I have a buttload of PC-1 seeds.....would you like some? Gotta say yes to this one even if you just give em to someone else:lol: Also, do you have any Jigsaw, Vietnamese Multi-color or Thai little red chili? Want some? Let me know and I'll have them on the way to you the next day. Later man.
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