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    You're most welcome. I live in the 'burbs and it's full of plant eating bunnies and they will eat anything that sprouts from the ground. They haven't figured pots out yet.

    Double R BBq, OK I'll see about coming down and sampling your work. Hard to beat a good BBq. Best of luck to you too.
    Patrick, thanks for the welcome. I live in s. sioux city. I checked out your potted plants. Very impressive. I'm thinking thats something I want to do. I don't have room for a reg. garden. I am going to be in Omaha on the 25th and 26th for the Rivercity Roundup bbq. comp. I'm called Double R BBq. You can try my bbq and a cold one.
    haha patrick. My chocolate fatalii you sent me has taking a beating too. My dog decided to break it in half:shocked: i think it will survive though. Oh well your plants look good though
    refering to my orange habanero with tree like stem, I'm not completely sure that one was a gift. just been maintaining and learning. does definately look old.
    Cool! Glad you got them, glad you like them. The Paper Lantern/Congo/Red Savina mix is quickly becoming a favorite of mine. Bhut on nachos, I can see that in my future. Take care Sheldon.
    Awesome Man! Thanks so much for the variety of ground peppers. Had a plate of nachoes with the Bhuts! Takes the breath away! I also tasted the others and am blown away. That was really very nice of you. Thanks again Patrick!
    Hey Patrick,
    Let me know when your seeds arrive :). The P mets are still doing great. I should have sent you a molt with the seeds....I forgot to tho ;)
    Hi Patrick,

    I'm glad that you received your pack. Thanks for the entertaining post! That was fun to read. Really nice of you to post that way.

    I'll be looking forward to hearing about your seven pot plants at some point down the road.

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