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  • I'll try it at work then when I can but anything I say about work will be on here as I can't say it on facebook as half the staff seem to be on it.
    I think I've just cut my head off! For some reason you were added as my friend on there, my very best friend of course.
    Her names Vicki and I don't know her that well. I've found my manager on there though and I didn't even notice her photo at first as she looks so different.
    Who cares lol. he wouldn't trust me with his password so I asked him to look the girl up but he has to be a friend of hers to view the photos and explaining that he's the son of Kate from the hotel at the pissed up party seemed all a bit complicated.
    Ha, ha, no, I want to view some pictures on one of the waitresses profiles at work that she said she took the other night.
    I was only going by the time I was at work once and chatting to you so I wasn't too sure of the exact time. I wish Connor would come home, I want his Facebook password.
    What like a thunder storm? I had the best nights sleep for years last night, I woke up feeling really well, I was so run down last week.
    LOL, I mean a bar stool! Might as well grab a blokes leg. Dinner time now sweetheart, remember I'm here with you after you know what, yes boring shopping.
    Even if I did I doubt it would be up a bar stool, I'm sure I can be a bit more imaginative than that. ; )
    Oh I didn't think that was too much. I'm not one of these giggly girls though when I've had a few, I don't get loud, need help doing my clothes up in the toilet or try and pole dance up a bar stool like my mates, I'm still the same as sober I've been told and you can't tell the difference.
    But even with my head so bad yesterday I really regretted it, I didn't have massive amount, about 9 bottles of Stella. My problem was lack of food and hang overs always leave me weak as if I need a good meal.
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