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  • Where would you runaway on holiday with me to? What colour (yes I know you can't spell that properly) are your eyes?
    Not right now, but now you've said it I'm gonna think of a shitload of stuff, I'm not nosey honest, just curious, well interested. You wait, I'm gonna be bombarding you with questions.

    I've just got to say you make me laugh so much, I've just been in the Lounge, you make the sun shine everyday for me. God that sounds really corny but you know what I mean.
    I thought so because I noticed you'd been coming on here later. I think we had a week in between my clocks changing and yours, I had more time with you then, actually I'm not sure if that makes sense, does it? You have my name and address now, plus e-mail, star sign, D.O.B, son's name and age, what's missing?
    It's 18 here, hey just because I have the body of a 14 year old with curves they ask. Have your clocks changed lately?
    Don't you have to be 21 to buy alcohol over there? Oh I like Mondays too, plus you're back on Mondays.
    Just got back from food/beer shopping. I got asked for ID but I said to the man "This is the fourth time this year you've asked me" I showed him my driving licence and once again he looked very embarrassed and apologised. I couldn't wipe the grin off my face all the time I was packing my bags. I told him next time he serves me I will pin my ID to my chest to save him repeating the same question everytime. It's my favourite day of the week, is it yours?
    Nice t*ts SM. You called me love, you've never called me love :) I can't find my dog :confused: A minute ago a bag of apples fell off a shelf near his bed and it make him shoot across the room, now he's disappeared somewhere. Anyway we'll have to runaway on holiday someday.

    Found Murphy, he was hiding behind the bathroom door lying down by the toilet, he's such a wuss.
    Nice to know. Hey did I rescue myself well with the Desperate Dan bit with Omri? Shit I think I caused offence but I didn't mean too. I think it's my dinner time, well there's something bleeping at me. Sooooo love talking to you, more than you know.
    I take it grown men see MILF's in the same way? Sorry I'm such a flirt * Bad, bad girl * Sometimes it seems that once you're labelled as having a kid it puts people off.
    Hey that's my usual kind of outfit, you know with the skinny jeans. My handbag's white as well but Con tells me I look like a chav. Obviously the kiddies liked it, unless they were focused on the splodge of chilli sauce on a cold night. Sorry that's very un-motherly.
    Of course it is. See you can say anything to me. Maybe I shouldn't have worn the knee high white boots and tight Snoopy t-shirt (complete with a dollop of chilli sauce on that I saw when I got there which I'd slopped in a very unsuitable place). I hope the young geography teacher (who con says all the girls fancy) realised I looked a little pink and flushed because I was trying to hide my sauce stain with my thick coat whilst sitting on a chair next to a radiator.
    Say it please, I've heard of it but don't know what it means. I'll only forget to erase the history on the computer otherwise and little eyes might see it.
    I'm back! Con's eating sweets. The teachers love him, he's participates in everything, is funny and talks a lot (must come from his Dad's side). I spent most of the time in between appointments talking to one of my best mates so it was good. I'm back early because he sweet talked his ICT teacher into seeing me 30 minutes early. His friends Mason, Jamie and Cassidy told him I was well fit and wanted to know how old I was :oops: I want men to say that, not young school boys.
    Ahh, boys stuff, thanks babe. I've got to go out to Con's parents evening to talk to his teachers in 15 minutes, it dosen't start until 4pm but I've got to pick Connor up at 3:30pm 'cos if he gets the bus he will be coming home to a locked house in the dark and rain. You wait until I get back, I'll either be telling you that he's grounded until he's 21 and has been sent to bed with a crust of bread for dinner, or I'll be told by the teachers that he's an arse licker. I'm not looking forward to the Geography teacher and I swear the P.E teacher thinks I'm a sandwich short of a picnic.
    Good morning, well it's lunchtime here. I only hi-jack threads when you, Omri, Talas or Chiliac are about, actually there's not many about in the morning apart from them anyway. What's a tesla coil BTW? Come on I'm not going to make myself look anymore dim on that thread, LOL.
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