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  • Hi again uUu,

    Just wondering what your recipe for sauce consists of. I've played around but never made a sauce from an actual recipe before.

    Hi uUu,

    I am so glad to hear that you received the package! You really made me laugh with the description of your reaction to the Seven Pot. I have the same thing happen to me. It seems like glancing at the pod makes my cheeks or eyes burn.

    I'll be curious to know how your plants do, once you start growing them. I hope they go insane!

    Happy birthday!
    No problem at all!

    Im sure youll like it! You have alot of reading to dig into ;)

    Ill go check you out in the welcome thread!
    Hi uUu! Thanks for introducing me to this site. It looks like a great place to meet other chiliheads. Hope you don't mind but in my introduction thread I mentioned you and included a link to your YouTube Channel. I'm looking forward to meeting lots of great pepper-people.

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