Wildfire Chilli Australia

Apr 13, 1982 (Age: 41)
Real Name
Chilli business, Mother and Nursery Hand
Company Name
Wildfire Chilli (seeds,plants, sauces and more) & Heatseekers Chilli (my food products)
I have been into chillies as long as I can remember.I have worked my way up to eating hotter ones and enjoy the rush from the Super Hots.

I am engaged and have a 4 year old son. I run my own chilli business called Wildfire Chilli and have just finished working at a Nursery with Australian native plants to have another baby (due June 30/2011).
Favorite Food
Seafood, Mexican, home made pizza, anything on the chiminea
Favorite Beverage with Fiery Food
Boutique Beer - Little Creatures Bright Ale, knappstein, James Squire Golden ale
Favorite Hot Pepper
Bhut Jolokia, Fatalii, Yellow 7 Pot
Favorite Hot Sauce
My own & Iguana Gold
Favorite BBQ Sauce
Heatseekers Chilli "Smokey Jolokia"
Favorite BBQ Food
Roasts on the chiminea!
Grow List
Too many
Seeds Wanted
Any superhots or superhots with different colours than usual
Seeds Available For Trade
Please ask for list
Smokey Jolokia Original -1st Place in THP Awards in the Steak Sauce Category 2009. 2nd place in 2010 for table condiment.

Hot Embers- 1st place at THPA 2010 for grill seasoning

Arson Fire- 3rd Place at THPA 2010 for other

Herby Jalapeno- 2nd place at THP 2010 for Jalapeno sauce

Streeteats "The Hell Raiser" (extract sauce made for a cafe by me) in Extreme sauce.


www.wildfirechilli.com.au Superhot seeds, plants,growing equipment, pods, sauces & more...
www.heatseekerschilli.com.au Superhot sauces, powders, pickles, purees,seasonings & pods.Try "Incinerator" 7 Pod & 16 million Pure Capsaicin Extreme Sauce. 3rd Place Scovie Awards 2012