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2022 - too early to get started...

My real start of the season is still months away but I couldn't resist to put something in the soil already - Tasmanian Black! :dance:

@MarcV - Great update of your Scotch
Bonnet grow, Marc!

In your search for the 'perfect' bonnet,
have you tried the Beth Boyd? That,
along with the TFM are my two favorites.
I did start the Beth Boyd but it is one of the plants that I gave up on as it grew very weak compared to the others. I should give it another try next season...
I had this embarrassing situation at work last week...

Just like every year I take some of my peppers to work to dare my colleagues to eat a pepper. Of course none of them wanted to give it a try but I had to show them that I could eat peppers without problems, so that's what I did.

Ate one scotch bonnet... no problem...
Took another one... ate it...

But we were having lunch outside at midday in the burning sun (there was a heat wave at the time). Suddenly I felt a bit weird in my stomach and needed to get back inside, away from the hot sun. So back inside we went. I managed to get to the door step where I passed out! πŸ™„

I woke up again a bit later feeling a bit shaky. They almost called an ambulance to take me to the hospital. That wasn't necessary but I had done working for that day. One of my colleagues drove me home...

It hasn't stopped me from eating bonnets though... πŸ˜‹
Capsaicin can cause bloodpressure drop and the irritation on your stomach could have led to some postprandial hypotension, that together with the heat maybe made your brain reset for a moment?
I ate 2 big whole habanero red last year that made me lie on the floor gasping for air and drowning in tears for half an hour...😁

Plants looking great, now some color on those pods!
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Yes I'm pretty sure the heat of the sun in combination with the 2 bonnets was more than I could handle. I had a similar event in the past when I tasted some ghost pepper sauce. It was just a tip of a knife, well maybe a large tip. It didn't seem very hot in the mouth but it also hit my stomach and then too I almost passed out. But then I drunk a little milk and I immediately felt better.

Hoping for some color in those pods too! πŸ™‚
@MarcV - Great update of your Scotch
Bonnet grow, Marc!

In your search for the 'perfect' bonnet,
have you tried the Beth Boyd? That,
along with the TFM are my two favorites.

So here you go, Beth Boyd among a couple of others, ready for the 2023 season. Still a long time to go, let's hope they make it that far...

As said, Beth Boyd was in the grow list for this season but the plant was a bit weak compared to the others and got eliminated. But it's one that I really wanted to give a try. The same goes for the Allen Boatman.

Since I do really like the Schneider Farms I decided to start another plant of this variety.

The KSLS is one I have mixed feelings about. When it grows true, it really is a beautiful pepper, but the way it is supposed to be spread from one grower to another, it is next to impossible to keep the variety clean. I have seen numerous pictures of "KSLS" that look nothing like the original from Khang. But I have the seeds and they are from one of the main "spreaders" of facebook so why not give them a try πŸ™‚

20220821 144131 DC-LX100M2 14.40mm f8 ISO320 P1000274.jpg

Two others that I also want to give a try... 7pot Brainstrain Yellow and SB7J. Not sure what to expect from these, I might not like them at all. But there's only one way to know...

I wanted to grow the brainstrain from seeds of the growdown of a couple years back but I don't have these seeds and I do have some from WHP so that is what got planted. The seeds of the SB7J are from Juanitos...

20220821 144241 DC-LX100M2 34.00mm f8 ISO400 P1000275.jpg

Something has been feasting on my 7pot brainstrain... πŸ™

20220821 144304 DC-LX100M2 16.30mm f8 ISO200 P1000276.jpg
The HSH (humble Servants Homestead) is finally starting to think of ripening pods...

20220903 115430 DC-LX100M2 10.90mm f8 ISO200 P1000294_LR6.jpg

Growing quite a few pods...

20220903 115447 DC-LX100M2 10.90mm f8 ISO200 P1000295_LR6.jpg

Pods have a nice size...

20220903 115515 DC-LX100M2 10.90mm f8 ISO200 P1000296_LR6.jpg

The first (and only for now) pod is ripening. It's a small pod...

20220903 113908 DC-LX100M2 10.90mm f8 ISO200 P1000282_LR6.jpg

20220903 113933 DC-LX100M2 19.10mm f8 ISO200 P1000284_LR6.jpg
The Papa Dreadie G3 2021 has grown considerably over the last couple of weeks. Been thinking about putting it in a larger pot but being September already I'm not sure if that still makes sense...

20220903 121812 DC-LX100M2 10.90mm f8 ISO200 P1000312_LR6.jpg

For now I haven't gotten any more ripe pods but it's growing many new ones...

20220903 121956 DC-LX100M2 10.90mm f8 ISO200 P1000314_LR6.jpg

Papa Dreadie pods usually are vey spikey...

20220903 122033 DC-LX100M2 10.90mm f8 ISO400 P1000315_LR6.jpg
The overwintered Papa Dreadie is growing large and bushy. It's a really nice looking plant actually. Not sure if I'm going to overwinter it again though, it will depend on which other plants I'm going to keep and I can't possibly keep them all (at least not without throwing all my daughter's succulent plants out... 😈)

20220903 122354 DC-LX100M2 10.90mm f8 ISO200 P1000317_LR6.jpg

It didn't want to start producing at first but there's a nice harvest pending right now with the first ripening pods starting to appear...

20220903 122427 DC-LX100M2 10.90mm f8 ISO200 P1000318_LR6.jpg

20220903 122439 DC-LX100M2 10.90mm f8 ISO200 P1000319_LR6.jpg

20220903 122458 DC-LX100M2 10.90mm f8 ISO200 P1000320_LR6.jpg

20220903 122522 DC-LX100M2 10.90mm f8 ISO200 P1000321_LR6.jpg

A pod from The Umbrella Academy...

20220903 122847 DC-LX100M2 10.90mm f7.10 ISO200 P1000322_LR6.jpg
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Next is my showpiece, the Schneider Farms scotch bonnet. This plant already has produced almost a kilo of ripe pods this season. I can consistently pick ripe pods from this plant every day and many have a really nice bonnet shape to them...

If I could only keep one plant, this would be the one...

20220903 121058 DC-LX100M2 10.90mm f8 ISO200 P1000307_LR6.jpg

20220903 121117 DC-LX100M2 10.90mm f8 ISO200 P1000308_LR6.jpg

20220903 121247 DC-LX100M2 11.70mm f8 ISO200 P1000309_LR6.jpg

(small) harvest of today...

20220903 121338 DC-LX100M2 11.70mm f8 ISO200 P1000310_LR6.jpg
That's about it for this update. Of course there are also the starters for next season, of which the number has increased to 7 varieties (which is very likely too many again as usual, considering that I will also overwinter some of my current plants). But I have no idea if and how those little ones will make it through the winter months.

And then I still also have a number of annuums growing. First there is the tasmanian black. Nothing to say about that one... Most of the pods are still on the plant and have still not ripened. The other annuums are a Γ‘ora, a Jaranda and a Jeromin plant, all grown from seeds extracted from smoke-dried pods. These are all late starters that are just now starting to produce pods. I'm not expecting any ripe fruits from those, they were merely grown to test the viability of the seeds.

With the already large harvest of scotch bonnets I currently have I'm looking for things to make with them. Last week I made a pineapple jam with scotch bonnets and I like the result very much. It couldn't be easier to make... Cut the pineapple and remove the unwanted parts, cut the scotch bonnets and remove seeds and placental parts, put everything in a blender, blend, put in a cooking pot adding jelly sugar, cook, put in jars and let cool down. Delicious! I only added 3 large papa dreadie scotch bonnets. The heat is good but low enough so everyone can enjoy it.