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2022 - too early to get started...

My real start of the season is still months away but I couldn't resist to put something in the soil already - Tasmanian Black! :dance:



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So here's the second ripe tasmanian black. Color was a very nice purplish red...



The inside was a bright red. There wasn't much purple lining present...


Taste was very sweet with a mild yet sharp heat. The wife liked it also but at some point she got hit by the heat. She experienced it as hotter than a scotch bonnet... 🤔


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Some new pictures of my plants...

Overwintered Papa Dreadie. Very nice and already quite large plant, lots of flowers but it doesn't really feel like setting fruits at the moment...
20220724 114616 DC-LX100M2 27.50mm f5.60 ISO200 P1000223.jpg

Papa Dreadie G3 2021 (seeds from @Sawyer ) doing great and setting lots of pods...

20220724 115334 DC-LX100M2 15.70mm f5.60 ISO200 P1000232.jpg

My favorite plant and also favorite scotch bonnet variety (for now), the SB Schneider Farms, is really getting huge and is growing lots of pods...
20220724 115458 DC-LX100M2 20.60mm f5.60 ISO200 P1000233.jpg

Same plant, other angle...
20220724 115532 DC-LX100M2 27.90mm f5.60 ISO200 P1000234.jpg

A couple of shots from the younger plants. I took more photos but I did a lousy job with the focusing and I didn't feel like taking the same pictures again 🙄so I will only show the acceptable ones 😁...

Scotch brains, just started flowering...
20220724 114953 DC-LX100M2 22.70mm f5.60 ISO200 P1000228.jpg

Schotch Bonnet HSH, magnificent plant although the picture doesn't do it justice. Nice big leaves without crinkles. Also just started flowering. I have high hopes for this one!

20220724 115147 DC-LX100M2 20.10mm f5.60 ISO200 P1000230.jpg

Tasmanian Black is remaining a small plant. It now has multiple ripe pods, I should pick them some time...
20220724 115901 DC-LX100M2 15.90mm f5.60 ISO200 P1000235.jpg

20220724 115940 DC-LX100M2 15.90mm f5.60 ISO200 P1000237.jpg

And a couple of young annuum plants that are actually a test germination of seeds from smoke-dried pods...
20220724 114258 DC-LX100M2 24.80mm f8 ISO200 P1000222.jpg

Another couple. The Espelette is not from smoke-dried pods but from original Piment D'Espelette farm seeds and one of my absolute favorite annuum varieties. I normally grow this every year but this year I failed to do so, being too busy trying/failing to germinate SB seeds. The still very young Espelette plant is already forming flower buds by the way...
I'm hoping to overwinter these 4 annuum plants...
20220724 114243 DC-LX100M2 24.80mm f8 ISO200 P1000221.jpg
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those Epelette plants get pretty big - I've planted 2 in the main veg garden and have had to stake them already :D


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Do you make powder of the Espelette pods? I like to eat mine fresh. I tried making powder of my home grown pods but it tastes nothing like real Espelette powder. I frequently (as in "once per year") buy the "real" powder and fresh pods when they are in season from one of the farms with a web shop. Not cheap but soooo good! The "real" fresh pods also taste much better than those I grow myself...
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No won't make powder, eat them fresh like you. Although I do use them dried as well.
It's my first time growing Espelettes, I was gifted some seeds from a friend.
That's an interesting website Marc, thank you for the link
Those O.W. are looking great, so does the color on that tasmanian.
My O.W. Adjuma has the same issue as your papa dreadie, lots of flowers but hardly any fruit.
The hab red that overwintered is producing scary amounts of pods though! 🙂


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The last one is the Walton Farm scotch bonnet. Nice plant but the pods are also a bit behind in size...

20220820 125101 DC-LX100M2 21.50mm f5.60 ISO200 P1000245.jpg

20220820 125204 DC-LX100M2 16.30mm f5.60 ISO200 P1000247.jpg

That's it for now.

If you're wondering what happened to the other plants... well... like every year I start off with a lot of varieties and at some point I come to the conclusion that the room for all those plants simply isn't available. Even now it is a puzzle to give the ones that I have a proper place with a bit of room. Especially the overwinterers take up a lot of space. So with pain in the heart I had to eliminate some of the plants and only kept the ones that looked the healthiest and that appealed to me the most. I may or may not give the other varieties a try again next season.

And I know 2023 is too early to get started but I already have a couple of seedlings going with the intention to overwinter them (SB7J and 7 pot brainstrain growing and KSLS germinating). I'm doing this to try to avoid the seedling problems that I had at the beginning of this season...
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Thank you for the thorough update!

I’m growing the TFM this year, and like pretty much every pepper enthusiast I’ve fallen in love with the scotch bonnet flavor and heat profile. However, like yours, my TFMs (four containers, eight individuals) are mostly providing tasty runts…

I was trying to “skip to the best” with TFM, but now I feel compelled to hunt for a scotch bonnet with more consistent pods in my climate. I still want to avoid growing them all, though. Next year, I’m going to try Foodarama and Schneider Farms… Bike808 always praised Foodarama for its consistent pods, and you similarly with Schneider Farms.


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I had this embarrassing situation at work last week...

Just like every year I take some of my peppers to work to dare my colleagues to eat a pepper. Of course none of them wanted to give it a try but I had to show them that I could eat peppers without problems, so that's what I did.

Ate one scotch bonnet... no problem...
Took another one... ate it...

But we were having lunch outside at midday in the burning sun (there was a heat wave at the time). Suddenly I felt a bit weird in my stomach and needed to get back inside, away from the hot sun. So back inside we went. I managed to get to the door step where I passed out! 🙄

I woke up again a bit later feeling a bit shaky. They almost called an ambulance to take me to the hospital. That wasn't necessary but I had done working for that day. One of my colleagues drove me home...

It hasn't stopped me from eating bonnets though... 😋
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