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2022 - too early to get started...

My real start of the season is still months away but I couldn't resist to put something in the soil already - Tasmanian Black! :dance:

Yesterday I repotted the schneider farms scotch bonnet in the largest container I have available, a 30 liter pot. That way it has some room for root development and hopefully a higher production 🙂. Originally it grew in a 12 liter pot, which is the size the others still have to do with. I also put an organza bag over one of the branches to isolate some of the flowers.

Schneider farms rear left, freeport orange rear middle, papa dreadie (rfc) rear right, papa dreadie G3 2021 front in dark grey container. They're all doing really great...
20220613 152146 DC-LX100M2 15.90mm f8 ISO200 P1000193.jpg

The young (mostly) scotch bonnets all together...
20220613 152237 DC-LX100M2 14.10mm f8 ISO200 P1000194.jpg

Tasmanian black flower and fruit...
20220613 152403 DC-LX100M2 33.50mm f8 ISO200 P1000197.jpg

Schneider farms scotch bonnet developing...
20220613 153351 DC-LX100M2 34.00mm f2.80 ISO200 P1000200.jpg

Papa Dreadie G3 2021, a really strong plant!
20220613 153027 DC-LX100M2 20.10mm f2.80 ISO200 P1000199.jpg

20220613 151828 DC-LX100M2 24.50mm f8 ISO200 P1000188.jpg

And of course not to be forgotten... the MoA scotch bonnet (top) and Allen Boatman SB (bottom).
20220613 153521 DC-LX100M2 34.00mm f8 ISO250 P1000201.jpg

And of course it is now too late to get started but I'm currently germinating two of my grow-every-season annuum varieties that I didn't want to grow this year but now feel sorry I didn't... the piment d'espelette and the jeromin. Because germinating seeds is fun! 😊
Your SB Grow is firing on all cylinders, Marc.
Great job getting your season underway strong!
After what seemed to take forever, I finally got to taste the first ripe tasmanian black today. It had that purple lining on the inside that I saw in the pictures posted on the forum. Although it wasn't actually very hot, it did give a serious heat sensation with a stingy sharpness that sat mostly on the tongue and lips. Taste was sweet at first but this sweetness disappeared fast, leaving little taste at all.

I didn't take any pictures of this one but there's a second one ripening. I promise to take pictures of that one 😁
I thought the Tasi Blacks would be great 'poppers' -
stuffed with cream cheese or whatever :drooling:

I agree with your assessment.
Hmmm... looks like it isn't obvious... shouldn't be pesticide as I haven't used any so far. For the rest... all plants are treated the same. Only one plant shows the symptoms. I do notice that the leafs are a bit smaller compared to the other plants. I added some extra fertiliser just in case. The plant is producing lots of flowers and fruits currently...
Yellowing veins in the younger leaves are often iron deficiency. Since your plant is more affected on the older leaves one can rule out that option. Early symptoms of nitrogen deficiency could cause yellowing veins, but will very shortly be followed by overall yellowing of the leaf often starting from the tip of the leaf and in a triangular shape.
What i noticed on a lot of my chinense is that the older leaves that are naturally disposed of by the plant itself also start with yellowing veins, wich could mean there is nothing to worry about.
I had quite a rollercoaster with the chinense this year with pretty much every sympton of every deficiency known to man. I made the soil mix myself and knew everything needed was in there so i did nothing and waited, all symptons dissapeared over time. Sometimes it's not lack of nutrients, but problems in the uptake or distribution within the plant.
Too wet, too dry, too cold, too hot, too much tap water, too much rainwater, ph issues or just stressed by whatever...
The list could be endless! Sometimes a little time is all we need to give for nature to sort things out. 🍀