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2022 - too early to get started...

My real start of the season is still months away but I couldn't resist to put something in the soil already - Tasmanian Black! :dance:

Hey, Marc. If that JA Red Habanero is from me, watch
out for edema while they are indoors. My strain seems
susceptible to it for some reason. I actually tossed one
earlier this season due to a severe case. When they go
outside, they usually snap out of it.
It's yours indeed. But I haven't noticed anything unusual yet... It's standing in the door opening of our veranda so it gets outside air during the day...
I really hope this round will keep on growing and I'm reasonably confident that it will - fingers crossed🤞. That would also mean that there was some truth in the title of this glog 😁... it was still waaayyy too early to get started 😄.

But if they all germinate and stay alive I'm going to have a space problem I think... the propagator is literally filled with varieties right now - 16 to be precise - together with the 7 plants that I already have growing this would mean 23 plants in total. Not sure where I'm going to put them all... 🤔. There are at this moment 2 varieties that haven't popped yet but one of those has only been sown a couple of days ago so that is to be expected. The other one may eiter be late or not grow at all...

The advantage of this late grow will be that the plants can go outside right away when they get too large...


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The advantage of this late grow will be that the plants can go outside right away when they get too large...
That is, indeed, a bonus, Marc!
They should just take off once you get them out.
Since everything seems to do quite well in the propagator, here's a list of what's geminating...

VarietyOriginResult 🙂Helmet ☹
Bahamian GoatSemillas10
RamiroSupermarket pepper50
SB Beth BoydWHP30
SB CappuccinoWHP40
SB ChocolateWHP40
SB Foodarama RedWHP40
SB HSHHumble Servants Homestead30
SB Jamaican LongWHP00
SB PeachWHP30
SB Trenton Farmers MarketWHP20
SB Walton FarmsFacebook Group51
SB WhiteTrident21
Scotch BrainsWHP40
Scotch Brains RedWHP30
Scotch Brains XCP YellowWHP40


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Looks like pretty good germination rates
on most of the Bonnets.
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Yep, and I already removed some of the weakest. I feel a bit bad about having to remove even more especially after the difficulties I've been having but I can't possibly keep them all. Even with one specimen of each variety it's going to be overcrowded here...
Been going through my seedlings this morning with the intention of removing all but the best looking one. I just don't have the room to keep more than one plant of each variety. But many of the seedlings look so good that I really feel sorry to kill them. Could I keep more than one plant in a single pot? What size of pot would I minimally need to grow 2 plants in it?


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Skullbiker puts 2 or 3 plants in his 18-gallon containers.
I suppose you could do multiple plants in a single container
as long as it has 8-12 liters of soil for each plant. Smaller
than that, I don't know. At some point, diminished space
might make for smaller plants.


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Actually I already murdered all but one of each variety... 😪
Daring move for ya, Marc!

Good luck with the new batch of starts, I hope
they go bonkers for you.
So here we are, back in this stage of the grow, while you guys are already at the second round of harvesting 😁

The tags tell it all...
The Ramiro is the only annuum among these seedlings and I'm growing this especially to please my wife who is not exactly a fan of scotch bonnets 🤔 (but I secretly like the ramiro too 🤫🤭)...

20220429 154505 DC-LX100M2 10.90mm f11 ISO400 P1000146.jpg

Still need to kill one of the bahamian goats...

20220429 154716 DC-LX100M2 10.90mm f11 ISO400 P1000148.jpg

20220429 154901 DC-LX100M2 10.90mm f11 ISO500 P1000149.jpg

I wonder what "XCP" stands for...

20220429 155049 DC-LX100M2 10.90mm f11 ISO400 P1000150.jpg

The Jamaican Long is a really tiny seedling. Let's hope it will grow well. Just noticed that a second seedling is trying to hatch...

20220429 155243 DC-LX100M2 10.90mm f11 ISO640 P1000151.jpg
The biggest problem is getting rid of the potting soil at the end of the season. I dump it in my back yard but the back yard itself is small so the amount that can be dumped is limited. And it doesn't disappear the next season, ir keeps adding up... 🤔