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2022 - too early to get started...

My real start of the season is still months away but I couldn't resist to put something in the soil already - Tasmanian Black! :dance:



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@MarcV - Dude, you should make a raised
bed with all your dumped soil! Shame to just
let it sit.
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Your SBs are looking just fabulous, Marc!

The Schneider Farms plant looks like it
wants to be a tree!
It's the ugliest of the 3 but it's already producing multiple pods while the PD is just starting to produce and the freeport doesn't have a single pod yet. And that's good because that is also my order of preference 😉
Today I put all the young plants outside. The large plants have suffered a bit from sun burn but they will be just fine 🙂. One of the fruits of the Schneider Farms SB is already ripening! ðŸ˜Ū Will post some close up shots some time later this week.

Got the question why I don't have MOA scotch bonnets in my connection. After all it is considered the standard scotch bonnet, it shouldn't be missing in any SB collection. Well... I don't know actually why I'm not growing them... too ordinary variety maybe? ðŸĪ” I did find a pack of old MOA seeds in my collection and put them in the dirt but for now they haven't germinated and also... it's a bit late to get started now 😁. But that doesn't mean I can't give them a try. Got some new MOA seeds from SLP on order! 😉

20220518 172332 DC-LX100M2 18.80mm f5.60 ISO200 P1000156.jpg