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2022 - too early to get started...

My real start of the season is still months away but I couldn't resist to put something in the soil already - Tasmanian Black! :dance:

Thanks John! I had some SB7J seeds germinating that originated from you at the beginning of this season but as you know all my seedlings failed back then and I have no more SB7J seeds left... 😥
As big as you have room for :D

Ideally ≥ 8-12 liters/plant, I'd say, but don't
let yourself be constrained by that. Just go
as big as you can IMO.

You can always cut one away if they seem to
be really over-crowded. I had three Wiriwiri
plants in what amounted to a 10 liter volume
last season, and they did well. Just not as big,
is all.

Feed accordingly.
Sorry to see that, Marc. But don't give up hope,
new branches can still grow out at the cotys.
Give it a little time. Can't hurt at this point.
Like PaulG said, it should still have a chance to grow as long as it broke above the cotys.

However (and this is just my opinion), it's June 1. It's late to expect it to grow back and produce much, if any, of a harvest.

The Chinense are slow, and in my experience, the Bahamian Goat are even slower than most Chinense.

If that was your only Bahamian Goat, you might want to start adjusting you expectations towards next year for that variety. :)
All my young plants together... I gave up on the damaged Bahamian goat. I've got plenty of other plants to fill up the season...
20220604 121046 DC-LX100M2 26.60mm f5.60 ISO200 P1000168.jpg

Tasmanian black...
20220604 121117 DC-LX100M2 29.30mm f5.60 ISO200 P1000171.jpg

20220604 121146 DC-LX100M2 30.40mm f8 ISO320 P1000173.jpg

Papa Dreadie G3 2021 doing nicely...
20220604 121205 DC-LX100M2 21.10mm f8 ISO200 P1000174.jpg

splitting up in 3 branches and about to start flowering...
20220604 121222 DC-LX100M2 34.00mm f8 ISO250 P1000175.jpg

Schneider farms overwintered scotch bonnet. Still my preferred variety for now...
20220604 121323 DC-LX100M2 22.00mm f8 ISO200 P1000176.jpg

Schneider farms is about to explode with flowers! :dance:
20220604 121413 DC-LX100M2 22.00mm f8 ISO200 P1000177.jpg

20220604 121432 DC-LX100M2 22.00mm f8 ISO200 P1000178.jpg

Overwintered Freeport Orange SB carrying lots of young fruits already. Visually the nicest looking plant (that's why I overwintered it) but taste-wise not my favorite...
20220604 121502 DC-LX100M2 17.40mm f8 ISO200 P1000179.jpg

The overwintered Papa Dreadie...
20220604 121514 DC-LX100M2 21.30mm f8 ISO200 P1000180.jpg

MoA Scotch Bonnet... I only kept one seedling after all...
20220604 121631 DC-LX100M2 10.90mm f8 ISO320 P1000183.jpg

...and the latest ones germinating... Allen Boatman SB (top), Elysium oxide (seeds @Trident chilli, bottom left), Elysium oxide (seeds WHP, bottom right)
20220604 121741 DC-LX100M2 11.50mm f8 ISO1250 P1000185.jpg
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Your grow is looking as right as rain, my friend!
Even a ripening pod on the Schneider Farms SB :woohoo:

Your Tasmanian Black is going to be loaded up
in short order.
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Your plants look great both old and new!
I noticed in you the same pattern of wrinkling of new leaves in Tasmanian Black as I have on my plants. I thought it might be a Ca deficiency. I sprayed foliar with Myr Calcium. I will post in my thread if there are any changes.
I guess I'll have to face it that I won't get very far with my chili grow this year... my young plants are still far from flowering. Only the JA red habanero and stuffing scotch bonnet are currently developing flowers even if they are still pretty small plants. The papa dreadie G3 2021 is about to flower but is already quite a bit larger than the other bonnet plants. I guess I'll have to focus mainly on the overwinterers. Of course I can overwinter the young plants but I do not have the room to keep them all. I'll be forced to make a selection...

In the mean time I managed to make my wife taste a little piece of a schneider farms sb! :dance:. "And it isn't even hot!" she said... yeah right, until the heat kicked in! 😁 But it wasn't a negative experience in the end...
Hang in there, Marc, maybe your plants will surprise you.