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4th Annual Secret Satan Gift Exchange

Nice surprise waiting for me after taking the dogs for a walk.

Thanks Crazy Monkey!


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:dance: woohoo! Nice surprise from my friend Jerret at Pepper Sprout Farm. Spicy Pasta. Can't wait to try that. THANK YOU!

I did a chip test of the sauces, the Tabasco is responsible for the splatter pattern. Jerrets note is spot on, they are Hellaciosly flavorful.

I went with the blueberry ghost on the scrambled egg and cheese and bacon and pepperoni dinner.

Posting on the phoane....will try to fix orientation....
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Oh, yea, sucking in air, tears, eating more anyway...

I will be back for more, and especially over the holiday weekend.

Happy Hellidays, amigos!!!!
Thanks Crazy Monkey!

In my opinion and whatever weight you may give it, the Topa sauce is killer! Wish I had the recipe for my own commercial use.

He nails it with this one. Great heat, great flavor. You will figure it out.... I made some wings with Topa and some butter, hard to say I've had better...and I've had a lord's plenty. Use it as you see fit, but I would encourage the "buffalo wing" treatment.
Looks like you had to heel-of-palm-tap the bottom of one like a bottle of ketchup judging by the splatter all the way over to your electrical schematic 😂
Yep, that was the tabasco splat. Tap on the bottle...exactly as described... Collateral damage on the sketch.
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I was thinking cajun pasta salad with some mayo/dijon mix, celery, old bay.
I could do my classic pasta salad with dressing, onion, black olive, red onion, garlic....celery or carrot as is available...

Or with cajun seasoning, dijon or stoneground,...

And definitely thinking some cooked hot pasta dish.

Throw all considerations to the wind until the new years resolutions and make a spicy creamy andouille pasta dish!
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That pasta is very well seasoned. So much so that it will turn the water a dark color. Most people just add a protein. Think jambalaya with pasta. Typically something like an andouille or some sort of Cajun smoked sausage is ideal. Although it can also be used as an excellent base for a pasta salad. Definitely post what you use it for.
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I make killer cajun potato salad. Only had old bay in mind from your yankee sauce. Enjoy! 😂

Don't know where to start. Thank you very much Bob!
I've never tried Vegemite.
The book is hilarious. Ive always heard that everything in Australia will kill you..
Everything looks awesome!


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