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A quick peak in Datil's garden

Hello THP fellows,
i haven't been posting much of lately so i thought it was time to share some quick shots.
This year's grow is really on a small scale due to the chronic lack of time, but i'm back to superhot land where little harvest goes a long time :D
- 2 x Chocolate Moruga (SLP)
- 2 x Trinidad Scorpion Red CARDI (Bhuter)
- 2 x Naga Morich (my seeds)
- 2 x Brain Strain (SLP)
Things have been rolling pretty slow so far but the nice weather is finally come and i hope to have some nice fruits hanging in the summer.
Choco Moruga #1

Choco Moruga #2

Scorpion bros

An horrible shot of Nagas and Brain Strains circling their roots in small pots, i will transplant this week hopefully:

Random garden shot:

That's it for now, i hope everyone a bountyful season!
Datil - Fabrizio
Some quick shots from the garden. Weather is still very mild down here ;)

Diavolicchio Calabrese, a nice producer


Guntur Sannam off-pheno


Another one boring off-pheno, those seeds were a mess i'm happy to have found a single pheno i liked


A pretty interesting Diavolicchio off-pheno in the veggies patch, i may collect seeds from this one


Brain Strain still holding ground



Mixed superhot dried pods ready to gift or make more powder


Thanks for watching!

Looking lovely Mr F the Diavolicchio does look special it's certainly worth growing on as it's an intriguing pheno my friend,always a pleasure seeing your garden old friend.🙂
Glad to see the weather hanging in there for you,
@Datil. Looks like you will pick quite a few more
pods. Here's to those Brainstrain ripening up for
you, they are nice-looking pods.

Good luck going forward into the Fall, Fabrizio!
Season's close to an end even if the weather is still pretty good.
Took a small annuum harvest saturday and already dried them, they taste and smell very good. Diavolicchio pucks a punch as usual.



Still some pods hanging on plants and close to finish. Here's a couple Brainstrain:


This is possibly my last update to this small glog.

Thanks everyone for following and commenting!

Diavolicchio are lovely pods and a perfect example of a brainstrain pods to Fabrizio I expected no less from you my friend and loved the pictures to been a pleasure seeing your garden through its stages.🙂👍
@Datil - Hey, Fabrizio, maybe one more pic of some ripe Brainstrains
to finish off? I hope they get there for you. Enjoy the off-season,
my friend.
Two good pieces of news!

Your ripe BrainStrains, and seeds arriving safely!

Congratulations on a good season, Fabrizio. Enjoy
the off-season and Happy Holidays to you and
your family!
Lovely to see some late season pods Fabrizio a fine end to a Productive year wishing the best Old friend and looking forward to seeing your Garden in 2022.
Bless PaulG for sending you some seeds and he's sent me some to blessed we are for friends old and New.🙂👍