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alkhall 2016

Time to get started.
Ordered some seeds. Buying starter materials this week. I will not get seeds started until February, but thought I would get a jump on planning this year...
The list so far:
2016 Grow List


Big Black Mama

Chocolate Naga Brain

Ghengis Khans Brain

Peach Bhut Jolokia

Red Bhut Jolokia

Black Bhutlah SLP

Venezuelan Tiger All failed to germinate, and RFC is not selling live plants this year. Bummer!

Buckeye Butchlah

Gourmet Fatalii Jigsaw
Chocolate Primo/Reaper <added 12/31
Apocalypse Scorpion <added 12/31
Bhut Orange Copenhagen <added 12/31
Bhutlah Bubblegum 7 Pot <added 12/31
Kraken Scorpion <added 1/10
NuMex Las Cruces Cayenne < added 1/17
For the 2016 competition
NuMex Big Jim               < added 1/17
NuMex Heritage Big Jim < added 1/17
Jay's Chocolate Ghost Scorpion <added 1/17
Big Red Mama Premium <added 1/17
Joes Long Cayenne <added 1/19
Ristra Cayenne Hybrid <added 1/19 (Failed to germinate, purchaed live plants.)
Brazilian Ghost <added 1/21
Carbanero <added 1/21
Bhut Orange Copenhagen (another) <added 1/23
Chocolate BBG7 <added 1/23
Chocolate Butch T <added 1/23
Nagareaper <added 1/23
Black Naga <added 1/23
Bhutlah <added 1/23
Not Wartryx <added 1/23
SRTSL <added 1/25
Lightning Habanero Chocolate <added 1/25
Big Guy Jalapeno <added 1/30
California Wonder Bell < added 1/30
Mustard Bhutlah <added 2/6 (Thanks 96strat)
7-Pot Primo <added 2/6
Reaper/Naga Morich cross <added 2/7
Great Stuff Bell <added 2/7
King Naga < added 2/23
Trinidad Scorpion Peach <added 3/4

King Naga - long pod All failed to germinate, mold.

King Naga - short pod

Chocolate Bhut Jolokia
Brown Large Scorpion cross (F2)

Yellow 7-Pot cross #1 (F2)

Yellow 7-Pot cross #2 (F2)

Caramel Madballz (F2)
Mystery volunteer (Red Datil cross?)
Maybe a few others, have not decided yet.
I need to add some Jalapeno, Cayenne, and Bells to round out the list.
I purchased the following live plants:
Ecuadoran Hot Lemon and Jamaican Hot Chocolate Habanero (because I never have had success germinating these), Cayenne Golden, and Ristra Cayenne Hybrid (which failed to germinate; 0 for 14).
I also bought two live plant varieties of sauce tomatoes from Burpee (three each of Roma and SuperSauce Hybrid).
Transplanted 28 more, ran out of 3 inch pots, will finish once I go to the nursery and get more pots.
Anyway, using Ocean forest as usual.

The remaining plugs, consolidated into one tray, new map.

Last weekend's translants have really taken off:

Big Black Mama (PepperNorth) sprouted (10 days). The other BBM I got from another vendor took 20 days and 11 days (re-seeded) respectively.
Only one plug with no sprout left; Joe's Long Cayenne. I give it until the weekend, but I have little confidence it will germinate.
Anyway, tray map updated.
Hots/Super Hots all in 3 inch pots.
I decided to add a few more Bell Peppers. Same as before; coir plugs, two seeds per plug.

EDIT 3-27-16:
Added Ristra Cayenne (replacement seeds).
Thank you, and thank you.
He got another possum in the backyard last Sunday. That is the third one he has killed.
He is, after all, my pepper patch security system.
All three Orange Sun Bells have hooked.
Received Ristra Cayenne replacement seeds from vendor, thought I would give it one more go.
Eight weeks until plant-out.
Map updated.
Bought some live plants from CCN (chileplants.com), three plants each.
Jamaican Hot Chocolate Habanero (which I have never successfully managed to germinate) and Cayenne Golden (because I like Cayenne and I needed six plants).


Much lighter green and and considerably more leggy than my own self-germinated plants, but am not concerned; I know CCN has top quality product.
dragonsfire said:
Looking great ! :)
Hope My Chocolate Hab works out :)
Good luck with yours.
Maligator said:
Plants look great :)

Now the countdown to plant out ;)
I know, I have a serious case of pre-planting cabin fever.
Supposed to be in the 70°s this weekend; time to get out the Roto-Tiller and make a couple passes through the raised bed.
Raised bed RotoTilled.
Did a cursory rake out.
Still have some weeds to pull.

I worked in:
Three lbs. organic bone meal,
Three lbs. organic blood meal,
Eight lbs. crab shell (five lbs. pulverized to powder).
About fifteen cubic feet of used potting mix (Ocean Forest, Happy Frog, Dr. Earth Home Grown, Pro-Mix BX) from last years containers.
At plant out, each plant will get:
One cup of worm castings in the hole,
A half cup of Azomite sprinkled around the stem.
Six weeks to go
A litte planning update:
For my 20 (so far) root pouches (10 gallon Boxer Brown) this year.
To get 200 gallons or 1 cubic yard, I am mixing:
1 @ 3 ft3 of Premier peat moss,
5 @ 2 ft3 Happy Frog,
4 @ 1½ ft3 Ocean Forest,
2 @ 2 ft3 CocoLoco,
4 @ 1 ft3 Pro-Mix Ultimate Organic,
1 @ 4 ft3 chunky perlite.
31 ft3 in all.