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contest BEGIN! Pizza Throwdown

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Little Ms. Veggie MEXizza Pie

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While I enjoyed using my Searzall for the Breakfast pie, I decided to return to the burner-to-broiler method for this cook, in hopes of better charring.

The dough is from our adaptation of the Five Minute Artisan book's Olive Oil Dough recipe once more, which uses the Mastro Fornaio yeast from Paneangeli (we've previously found it be more mild than Red Star ADY). It's been enhanced with a little bit of added Diastatic Malt Powder to help the crust brown in the short duration cook, and this time, I'm going to try to enhance this even further with a cream and DMP-wash application.
  • 2x 7g packs of mastro fornaio yeast
  • 2.75x cups tepid water
  • 1.5x tablespoons of extra-fine himalayan pink salt
  • 3x tablespoons of Columela EVOO
  • 1x tablespoon of diastatic malt powder
  • 6.5x cups of leveled KAAP
A cambro was sprayed with a little bit of butter-flavored PAM, and all ingredients except the KAAP and DMP were mixed into the water and allowed to get happy for a few minutes. The flour was then added one cup at a time, mixing with a Danish Hand Whisk for dough mixing. The dough was sprayed with a little bit more of the PAM, and covered while it doubled in size out on the counter over the course of an hour-and-a-half. I punched it down thereafter, divided it into balls, which I placed in PAM'd 2 cup Ziploc containers, that I placed in the fridge to CF. The dough is usable after the 2 hour bulk on the counter, but the prime window is after at least a day, and it will becoming increasingly more twangy through the 10-12 days it's usable out of the fridge thereafter.

For this pie, it was used after a 65 hour wait.

Homemade Salsa Pizza-Sauce:
  • 1x dried guajilla
  • 1x dried cascabel
  • 1x dried ancho
  • 3x dried chile de arbol
  • 6x GIP's serrano peppers
  • 4x halves of jarred aji rocoto
  • 1x poblano pepper
  • 1x jalapeno pepper
  • 1x shallot
  • 1/2 circle of mexican cinammon-flavored chocolate
  • 1x teaspoon dried chipotle morita powder
  • JHP smoked banshee powder
  • tctenten's infused grapeseed oil
  • camerons smoking chips
See process pics as per above for a How-To pictorial.

  • 1x cantaloup-sized dough ball as above, cold-proofed/retarded for 65 hours
  • 1 container of buf moz cheese, shredded and air-dried for the whole day
  • jarred green peppercorn in brine
  • 1x shallot
  • rancho gordo star dust spice rub
  • 1x beefsteak tomato
  • 4x turns of ground himalayan pink salt, one per beefsteak slice
  • import (dutch) beemster hatch pepper cheese
  • provolone piccante by luigi guffanti (garnish)
  • rancho gordo dried oregano indio (garnish)
  • rancho gordo dried mexican oregano (garnish)
  • tctenten's infused grapeseed oil (garnish)
The dough was allowed to warm up to room temp for about hours this time, then the portable butane burner was lighted to heat the CS paella pan, and the broiler was turned to 'hi'. The homemade salsa was mixed using dried and fresh peppers.

The pan started smoking around 525F, so I swirled in some of tctenten's pepper-infused grapeseed oil and placed the pizza in the pan when it read around 540-550F on the infrared thermometer.

I killed the burner 10 seconds after placing the pizza in the pan, once I verified that the dough had released from the pan.

Without further adieu ...

Little Ms. Veggie MEXizza Pie









This pie was killer, and in particular I nailed the consistency of the salsa in terms of the end result passing as pizza. I'm simply stunned that I made three pizzas without using meat this weekend, that rocks! I'm running out of time, cheers! :cheers:
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