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The Hot Pepper

It's that time again... PIZZA!
2 categories.
ALL categories must make their own dough and sauce. Cheese and toppings can be homemade or premade.
It's a 3-day weekend in the US! You may enter 3 times, but not more than once in Neapolitan. Choose your BEST for the votes if you fail at one. And it won't count in AG. So yes you could potentially enter 3 entree pies in Anything Goes. Or 1 entree, 1 dessert, 1 Neapolitan. Or 2 entree, 1 Neapolitan.
Anything Goes
Any style pizza, any shape, any toppings, experimental welcome. If there are 2 dessert pies (PIZZA pie that is), a Dessert poll will be added to the voting.
PICS: 8 max
  • 1 finished pie shot before cutting
  • 1 slice side shot to see crust and an individual slice
Serious pizza makers, let's see your stuff. The Neapolitan is the perfect canvas to showcase your skill and voters cannot be swayed by toppings. You must make a margherita or marinara pie using Napolitana/Neapolitan requirements as a guideline. No toppings except dried pepper. (You still need to make it spicy so choose the best way using dried peppers; before, after, crust, sauce, etc.) Yes crushed pepper is traditionally acceptable on Neapolitan. You do not have to adhere to the strict guidelines that are used to certify pizzerias, but the finished product must visually be a standard margarita or marinara pie with no toppings, and follow the requirements closely. No other cheese than fresh mozzarella (If you sprinkle a hard cheese on like Parmigiano-Reggiano that is acceptable). Sauce must be red and no unique flavors, no yellow tomatoes, etc. The idea is everyone makes the same pizza, voters are not swayed by creativity or flavors. Execution will come into play heavily and that's the idea.
PICS: 10 max
  • 1 ingredients pic (yes, ingredients shown in final post)
  • 1 cooking vessel fired up, pie in or out (understand if you can't take a cooking pic, must have full attention on pie)
  • 1 uncooked assembled pie shot
  • 1 finished pie shot before cutting
  • 1 crust lift to see bottom
  • 1 slice side shot to see crust and an individual slice
CLICK: The 5 Rules for an eligible entry
Title your entries, list all ingredients and cooking methods. Exact measurements for sauce and dough.
PoL: $.10 (PoL only needs to be shown ONCE in a pic with all or a majority of the ingredients used, or in a final presentation pic of the main entry, preferably not on the plate. International may round up or down.)
It's a 4 day bonanza! BEGIN!
Neapolitan - No murdered out anything (did I have to say that or...?) :lol:
I'm not really sure which category this should go in actually. I...think... strictly by the definition of the rules that this should go into the Anything goes category because I am flavoring the san marzano sauce with onions that will be discarded later, oregano, and unsalted butter. OR I could simmer the fresh basil in the sauce and discard it later. buts that's also flavoring... I initially planned to use basil on top and shaved parmesan with buf motz, but I could make a half and half pizza or omit the basil and parmesan and just have it be a basic pizza. what have you. Dough sat overnight in the fridge. At this point idk. take your pick of categories. I'm in a hurry anyway because I have a show tonight, work tomorrow, and fantasy football draft/shows sunday.





It will be fine in Neapolitan, seems you are aiming for that and by unique flavors it meant more unique than that, so you are fine. So make sure to get all the required pics for that cat. :)

Basil is allowed and shaved hard cheese is allowed too. Basil is a given even though it wasn't mentioned.

Good luck to everyone and mangia!!!

I made the dough a couple days ago and didn't take pics, because I have posted them many times.  I'll post the recipe in the final.  This is the simplest pizza I have ever made and one of the best.  Everything is done and will be posted when I am done stuffing it into my piehole.
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