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contest BEGIN! salsalady's Stuffed Pepper Throwdown

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The Hot Pepper

salsalady's Stuffed Pepper Throwdown
The first ever TD was Poppers, in 4/2009. Poppers are a pretty specific thing, so for this one, we are calling it Stuffed Peppers! This means, as long as you stuff a (hot) pepper, you are good to go! We are hoping for some super creativity on this one. Of course you could do your bacon-wrapped basic variety (booorrrrrinngg)...  but there are so many other ways you can go! I mean, if you're doing poppers, do something with them! Poppers as pizza toppings... win! You can also experiment in multiple cuisines!
Chile Relleno
Rimientos Rellenos
Bharvan Mirch
Dolma, Yemista
Ardei umpluţi 
Stuffed Peppers
Töltött Paprika
ETC. ETC.!!!!
SO MANY cuisines have STUFFED PEPPERS! All you have to do is stuff a :hot: pepper, and be creative... for the WIN!
Bonus: If at least two people do dessert, there will be a separate poll for Dessert Stuffed (Hot) Pepper! Yes, you can do both.
Separate post for dessert entry.
READ: The 5 Rules for an eligible entry
PoL: .25
3 Pics MAX (Let's see the stuffed pepper(s) alone, and the completed meal)
2 pics MAX for dessert pepper
frydad4 said:
Who's with me? 
If I can finish out an idea I've been tossing around, I am. Otherwise I've got 5 pounds of pork shoulder skinny-dipping for t'other. 


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Everything is waaaay up in the air for my schedule this weekend and I'm so far behind, the stores have been out of salsa for a week.  BUT!  I'm still going to try my best to do a dessert chile. 

The Hot Pepper

Ok, Fiddy, I've finished my mental "thumbnails" and have come up with something sweet. The question now is whether I can pull this off or not. Back to the stoh!
I will do my best to get involved... I will do this "College Budget Style!" So, yes it will probably be cheap. Good Luck everyone... whether you want it or not! lol
Yours Truly,
PS: probably gonna use habaneros as to prevent death. lol
The Hot Pepper said:
Can't believe Joyner's chickened out. He said he didn't have time but posted a pic in his Flog that he is cooking tonight, and there are peppers he could stuff!
(smack talk and a Joyner's hipster hashtag lol)
I am not doing any more until you finally cook your own damn meal! :) BK eating boss hipster  :dance:
Oh I did stuff those peppers...in my pie hole :) 
 Oh noooooo..... points deducted from the jump for boxed mashed taters!!!!  LOL! J/K! I'll be doing some inside out stuffed peppers tomorrow (AKA, the bacon explosion). Won't really count as a stuffed pepper. I'll see if I can figure out a way to incorporate actual stuffed peppers.
Buzz said:
I know you'll bring it. You always do!
actually just for you (and my family hehe for pointing out how easy it is to do-I probably should have known better and done it anyway lol,) I'm going to add a pic to my pol and make my potatoes from scratch!
luckily I have potatoes in the house. oh, and sour cream.
The Hot Pepper said:
READ: The 5 Rules for an eligible entry
PoL: .25
3 Pics MAX (Let's see the stuffed pepper(s) alone, and the completed meal)
2 Bonus pics for dessert pepper
(The 5 total could be used however you want, 4 entree, 1 dessert)
Do we need to do the dessert style pepper with the entree? Or could we post it later?
keybrdkid said:
actually just for you (and my family hehe for pointing out how easy it is to do-I probably should have known better and done it anyway lol,) I'm going to add a pic to my pol and make my potatoes from scratch!
luckily I have potatoes in the house. oh, and sour cream.
BOOM!!!!! I hope you know, I'm really just picking... all in fun. Don't change your plan! Now, if your family is on you, that's another story...
actually I'm going to take back the sour cream, and replace it with cream cheese. I apparently did not hear correctly... my mistake.


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:lol: funny editing by Keybrdkd~~  Great to see him first in the pool again!
Sorry for Chris and TB!
frydad4 said:
I'm in. 
Who's with me?
Ingredients and PoL 


Since i don't want my td entry too bloated i report here the method for pizza. Of course toppings will be poppers set in dough like gems set in stone. That is for the non dessert part.
Original stuff here: http://blog.giallozafferano.it/crisemaxincucina/wp-content/uploads/2013/11/ricette-pizza-bonci.pdf
I hope to repeat the results of the last time. That stuff is just so good...
Now in english with some videos...
About quantity: weight on grams of dough is dependat on cooking board area... Calculate area in cm^2, divide by 2. add 0-20% if you want.
For example: 30*40 board: 30*40/2=600. +0_20%= 600-720g.
I have a 32*37 board and used about 700g.
About flour: recipe says to use 0 flour... I've used a w260 flour. I believe that using a stronger flour (like w350) and let it ripe 40-48h in fridge cloud be even better, i just must try...

Pizza with Bonci method!!!
1 kg flour 0 type (i've used 00 type W260 strength and results were very good)
800g water
7g fresh beer yeast
20g salt
40g extra virgin olive oil
In a bowl put flour and yeast, add some water and stir with a wooden spoon.
Add the rest of water stirring till all is well amalgamated, then add oil and salt.
Work that until is amalgamated. If there are lumps no problem.
Pick another bowl, spread a bit of oil, put the dough and seal it.
Let it rise for 60 minutes. Now it should be smooth (mine wasn't perfect).
After that put the dough on a board dusted with flour, shape it roughly at a rectangle form and fold it once, rotate it by 90 degrees and fold again.
Repeat 3 times.
See here how to fold: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GIF3fMKyuls&t=30s
Form a ball and put it in a sealed bowl greased with some oil.
Wait 20 minutes, reapeat fold stuff wait other 20 mins and repeat fold stuff for the third and last time.
Store in a big oiled sealed container (it will twice in volume) and put in fridge 18/24 hours in low position.
Pull out form the fridge, let it wait 10 minutes, put in a board dusted with flour and divide the dough along your needs.
You should calculate that quantity: calculate the area in square centimeters and divide by 2. Increase that from 0 to 20%. Tha't the g we need.
For example for a classic cooking board 30*40 cm: 30*40/2=600g of dough needed. Add till 20% if you want more thick: 600-720g range.
For every dough piece apply folds again and wait 90 minutes (i believe that seal here is still good).
Flatten it by hand (possibly starting from the edges that doesn't need to be thicker than the center).
See here Bonci himself:
Or here Pino Arletto, another master: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4u8bIf0-e1I
Put on a slightly oiled cooking board, top it.
In spite of thickness that doesn't require heavy toppings.
Put oregano directly above dough and below other toppings is good.
Common toppings are mozzarella and fresh tomatoes or tomato puree or tomato in pieces, some oil, or whatever you like.
And check the salt.
Turn on oven at max temp (250°C is enough, a tad more wouldn't hurt) when it reaches it put pizza in lowest position for 10 minutes.
Move the pizza in mid positon and cook until ready (depends on oven could be 10, 15 minutes, or less).
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