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tutorial Beginner's guide to AACT/Compost Tea

Did you come up with the metal washer on the air-stone thing? Fugging Brilliant!!
Way better than wiring a 3/4" box end wrench to the bottom of your stone...
:rofl: :shh: :doh:



Yeah, but complete accident. Dumped over my toolbox when I was outside working and couldn't find the washers I was using to fix the lawn mower...found them 2 hours later (after driving back to the local hardware store) in the bottom of the aact bucket...SOOO...there you go, threaded washers to hold down the stones...and a pure creation of accident :shh:

I am busy. You cannot tell me my business!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh yeah, good info guys, PINNED!

Thank you!
do you guys throw away the used castings from the tea you made? or you can put on soil, haven't heard anybody say anything about that, or maybe i missed it :D.
I am using straight PromixBx on 2/3 of my peppers.
Currently my plant receive nutes from General Organics Bio Series.
They are loving it, but after seeing the Guru's 2 month explosion, I would like a bit more explosive growth.
My question is, can I use aact in place of the current nutes or can i do it as a supplement being i'm using a "soilless" mixture.
Any info would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks Guru that's a better answer than I was working on.

I use aact in place of the current nutes or can i do it as a supplement being i'm using a "soilless" mixture.

Also, It wouldn't hurt to Foliar feed with it. I'm not sure how the microbes will like your fertilized "soilless" even if its "Organic", but the leaves will like AACT.

The problem I see is, nothing to keep the microbes alive in a soilless mix. The microbes break stuff down in the soul and Create nutrients, they aren't nutrients.

The microbes poop out nutrients or are a system of delivery for the created nutrients BAHAHA Dirty little microbes. Regular soil has loads of stuff in it, Like for example,
a little twig... One little twig will have loads of stuff in it, the the nutrients break it down (Decomposition) and then deliver the nutrients to the plant. Some microbes Feed on Other microbes, and then poo out nutrients :P

Its a Micro Food chain in your soil, but if there isn't anything for the microbes to eat.. then your right back where you left off "Soilless" ;)

You may be able to build up your soil after its in a container, but that's sorta a backwards way of doing it and I don't know how well it will work.

If you want some Explosive growth like Guru, this may be a good place to start.


My castings just fall out of my netting. So when i get to the bottom i just scoop it up and dump it on the plants

Leaves can absorb the juice and when it dries it will just fall into the soil
Thanks Guru and Cayennemist.
Well I guess I'll start with a good foliar spraying.
I could definitely benefit from the biofilm on the leaves.

I have a overall theory, and it is just a theory.
I think microbes in the soil contribute more to feeding and immunity, where as microbes on the leaves contribute more to Health and immunity and less to feeding but still help. Unless somehow the Microbes assist in photosynthesis, and that is a possibility as well. I am no Micro Biologist though so what do I know? :P
once its done and its all foamy can i feed it more or just leave it? cause right now its almost noon and i cant add it now, so i guess im gonna have to wait till evening.