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Imperial Stout (cocoa & cayenne pepper)

Stout (grapefruit & bird pepper)


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yum on that top one.

I would have to try the grapefruit, bird pepper one , just because it would crack the top ten weirdest beers I have had.

that is an ever harder list to crack as time goes on . 🙂
Sure is (an ever harder list to crack as time goes on)! The Noirceur impériale is a much better beer IMO. It's a very good stout in fact, very well balanced but the heat seems to be lower than last year... Belzebuth is okay, not bad but nothing spectacular either.
it is weird that it has a bear on the label of that can. Zubr actually means Bison in Polish, and every bottle I have had always had a picture of a bison. some special marketing thing maybe. solid beer btw.
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Hit the jackpot at my local spot on Friday 😍
As far as I know, “The Alchemist” brewery doesn’t distribute their beer. I’m convinced that someone who works at this liquor store just hits up different awesome breweries and resells the stuff, like this and, sometimes, beers from “Other Half” :lol:

I ain’t complaining ;)
visited Arabella park beer bar for Peche day on Saturday, I couldn't resist an interesting sour and their chiptruck fries are practically mandatory on any visit.

Péché Mortel
Imperial coffee stout
Brasserie Dieu du Ciel
*nitro tap*



Rage Love
Spiced DH Sour W/ Cherry, Vanilla, Lactose
Rainhard brewing


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