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Best herbs to add to garden?

Hello all,

I've been absent from the forum but still plodding along with a few peppers. This year I am getting a raised bed in a community garden and am very excited to be growing 4-5 types of peppers. I wanted to add a few herbs to the garden as a barrier between my peppers and legumes (I've read mixed messages on whether they should be planted next to each other). I know I want oregano, probably some cilantro, maybe a basil. I would really like a rosemary plant, but from what I've seen, they go crazy and take up a lot more room than I'd want them to. Can a rosemary be kept controlled with regular trimming? Are there any other herbs that I'm not thinking of that might make a good addition?

If you want, I could send you part of my papalo stash. I think I have enough left to spare.
You inspired me to grow Papalo again this year. This is one of the few herbs I actually collected seeds from.

For those that not familiar with Papalo it's used like Cilantro and will make a good substitute. It thrives in the heat unlike Cilantro. To me it taste kinda like Cilantro but with hints of soap. Some say Cilantro taste like soap but I don't taste it but I do with Papalo.

I've grown it but still have alot to learn about this herb
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@Grass Snake It tastes like cilantro with lime to me. Very zesty and maybe with a hint of mint. So much tastier than cilantro.

It almost nver bolts in my climate. I start it inside and they grow into big plants during summer. Unfortunately the season over here is not long enough to get the plants to bloom and collect seeds. Still very much team papalo.
So y'all never heard of Cilantro tasting like soap to some people? Rata was more accurate with her description of Papalo having hints of mint and that's what I think I was tasting and described it as soap. There is mint soap I'm sure