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Best herbs to add to garden?

Hello all,

I've been absent from the forum but still plodding along with a few peppers. This year I am getting a raised bed in a community garden and am very excited to be growing 4-5 types of peppers. I wanted to add a few herbs to the garden as a barrier between my peppers and legumes (I've read mixed messages on whether they should be planted next to each other). I know I want oregano, probably some cilantro, maybe a basil. I would really like a rosemary plant, but from what I've seen, they go crazy and take up a lot more room than I'd want them to. Can a rosemary be kept controlled with regular trimming? Are there any other herbs that I'm not thinking of that might make a good addition?

the one we grew definitely smelled better than it tasted. bruised it had a definite after 8 vibe but the chocolate note was more bitter baking chocolate on the taste.

as with any miint , growing in pots is preferred if you don't want it going wild and taking over large area.
Tower of herbs! Got a set of 3 from ALDI for $9.99… not too bad for the balcony. 18 total vertical pots for $20.00 bucks.


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Here in Swansea Wales I'm growing all the usuals, mostly in containers but some in raised beds.....

Rocket Wasabi
Lemon Balm

I've also got Stevia doing well in a big pot and some Acmella Splilanthes (Toothache Plant) that's really flourishing.
There are others I can't remember off-hand.

Have some young Wasabi that seems to be doing OK but I'm unsure whether it will make it through the coming Welsh winter as it's reputed to be a bit fussy. I may take it the house before the first frost. If I can find a space.

Anyway Good Luck all.
Is that "real" wasabi? I would love to get ahold of something like that. Have to grow it since everything I can find around here is horseradish based, even in the asian stores.
Yes I bought 4 Wasabi plugs from Thompson & Morgan here in the UK for £6 (about $US8 I think)
They grew on well in a shady spot, I'm hoping they will survive on an indoor window-sill for the winter.

The rocket wasabi is positively blooming, has flowered and has a definite pleasant spiciness on the tongue when eaten. I'm hoping to collect some seeds for next year to propagate.

I'll get some pics up soon