vendor Brain Strain Yellow and "Other" Pod Problems!!

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Ok....first let me start by saying to the mods and the admin...if i have posted this in the wrong place i am sorry and please help me out by placing this in the right place :)

I recently have been getting some flack and such from a few customers "claiming" im only sending ONE or TWO pods of the correct "Type" they have ordered in their boxes, along with some "other" type of pepper to fill the rest of the box! I guess i have to take my time and loose sleep over this to help you guys out with this.......EVERY, and i mean EEEEVVVEEERRRYYYYY plant on my property i inspect for "PICTURE PERFECT" pods before i tag and label it as a "correct match" to the type it is supposed to be! With that being said, i have harvested several of the same customers previous orders of the SAME EXACT plants and have had ZERO complaints. Why or how is this so you may ask?? Heres WHY and a little bit of "Pepper Growing 101" on a HUGE scale!!! Something i had to learn myself so i dont expect your "AVERAGE" hobby grower to even consider it possible! Right now...this very minute.....i have plants with PICTURE PERFECT (Lets say BS Yellow cus thats the pods in question from most right now) pods on them...and on the VERY SAME NODE on that plant i have another pepper (codename "odd one") that looks just like a yellow BS with some of the wrinkles missing and "tail" section not as "defined" as the picture perfect one growing on the SAME PLANT and ON THE SAME NODE section...SIDE BY SIDE on the SAME PLANT! This in NO way shape or form means that this "odd one" is not a BS Yellow!! I mean for pete sake they are growing on the SAME PLANT and their stems are almost touching at the same NODE! But one is PERFECTLY representing a BEAUTIFUL Brain Strain Yellow! So....heres the science lesson ladies and gents... Theres NO WAY that on a "genetic" level these two peppers are NOT the same!! They came off the same plant!! THAT is a proven scientific FACT! Now....i will agree if someone said the SEEDS inside MAY/MAY NOT grow a "true" genetic match, but that has ZERO impact on the type of pepper that the plant itself grows! PERIOD! There are different "factors" that go into "pod" appearance....first there is how long the "flower ring" holds on to the pepper and causes the shape to change...i.e....if you have 2 peppers growing side by side on the same plant, and one holds the "flower ring" a week longer than the other while the pod is forming..the one that held the "flower ring" longer will have a more defined and "true" pod shape and appearance! That i learned from growing THOUSANDS of plants to full maturity this year and watching them all form and shape on the plants DAILY! Second...there are insects that will in fact alter/change the course and growth of your plants/fruit as well....Broad Mites! These little buggers attack eat and destroy the "new" growth on pepper plants....i.e....the new as well well as the established flowers on the plants. When u have an insect outbreak and you are in the process of geting it under control they are causing the flowers to drop their "flower rings" early and some of the pods just dont have the PICTURE perfect pod shape as a result! So...................... in closing i would like to say to ALL of my customers...I have NOT and will NEVER sell you a product that is NOT 100% coming from the same plants that grow "PICTURE PERFECT PEPPERS!! The conditions here in the nursery alter/change the pod appearance as well as weather, heat, nutrients, watering (or lack of)...theres MULTIPLE things that can make a plant have some PERFECT looking pods and some that just dont...period! BUT NEVER THE LESS THAT DOES NOT MEAN THEY ARE NOT WHAT YOU ARE BUYING OR THINK YOU ARE BUYING!! IF A PEPPER PLANT GROWS ONE TYPE THIS WEEK, NEXT MONTH IT GROWS THE SAME THING!! IT NEVER CHANGES!!

Like i said before...i dont expect your "average joe" to be able to see that on his plants, or even understand all that i just said. Heck, even myself when i was just a hobby grower i had no idea this was even possible really....until i grew on this HUGE scale!! In fact..i have even eaten pods like i mentioned before (2 off the same plant that look not the same) and they both had the SAME heat, texture, seed levels present, flavor, and even the same afterburn/taste! Again...from the SAME plant how could they NOT??? Right?? Right!! Physically, they "appear" different, but in fact are the SAME!! I hope this has made some sense to ALL of you...i do realize that i cant please everyone EVERYTIME, but you guys need to understand that i WILL NEVER sell you something im not 100% sure came from plants that show PERFECT pods!! My whole 60 year family reputation is on the line here!! Take it from a hobby grower turned COMMERCIAL grower! This is something i am learning as i go...and again...i dont expect EVERYONE to really grasp it and register what im saying...

One last thing..and this will CLEAR this all up for you guys hopefully........RIGHT NOW...i mean as of right now...i have some of these VERY same plant producing Brain Strain Yellow plants that i harvested to fill these recent orders in question.... almost FILLED with picture perfect ones....still young...and the pods "appear" 100% genetic matches to a PERFECT BS Yellow! On the same plants where you guys "questionable" pods came from!! tell me how thats possible if THE PLANTS are NOT Brain Strain Yellow!!!

Those of you that know me, know that im just a family guy, trying to earn an honest living growing these things..and some of you have also had "other" issues with pods or what have you..and i have ALWAYS made good to my customers when i know theres something "I" could have done or helped make sure the product was exactly what the customer ordered.....and i ALWAYS have made good on those....thats how we pride ourselves on good business ethics! I want you all to know I, Dale Jr, PERSONALLY have hand harvested EVERY pod shipped out of Baker's Peppers LLC up to date! EVERY ONE! and i dont pick pods from plants that have not PROVEN to me they are 100% geneticly a MATCH! if i did that, i would have issues like THIS on my hands!! And by the looks of it, that couldnt be helped, by no fault of ANYONE!! Myself, the plants, or the customers! I mean, who has EVER grown these on a scale like this?? How could anyone have known these factors that go into all of this...i sure didnt! But rest assured, if YOU order product from Baker's Peppers LLC, our products have come from plants that produce pods that ARE picture PERFECT...................Under the right PERFECT conditions in nature!! Trust me, Let your plants go without proper fertilizer or water or pest control while flowering/fruiting and SEE FOR YOURSELF the effects of it! Now in saying that i am partially admiting that thru the season myself or my father have not been able to 100% keep up with all of those (watering, ferts, pest/bacteria control). We are a 2 man show and have been BUSTING ASS trying to keep up with all this DEMAND! So we have experienced some ups and downs and along that road we have found out that this EFFECTS pod appearance!!! Theres NO other explanation for this issue! I as the grower of these things here on my property am 100% sure of this, as i have WITNESSED it ALL with my OWN eyes!! I would like to send out an apology to those who cant or wont agree with our findings. All i can say is im sorry you wont return to do business with us. I cant control how "sometimes" these pods dont "appear" perfect....but i give you my WORD as a man, father, and hard worker.......I WILL NEVER SELL YOU PEPPERS THAT IM NOT 100% POSITIVE CAME FROM PLANTS THAT HAVE GROWN "PERFECT" PODS UNDER "PERFECT" CONDITIONS....Sometimes they "APPEAR" perfect and sometimes they dont.....That will ALWAYS be a factor when these peppers are grown on a HUGE scale like we are doing.........PERIOD!! So if you buy from me, or from someone else who has grown on a scale bigger than a "backyard" grow, you will find that not all pods on the same plant, no matter how PURE the seeds, will all be 100% PERFECT! IT JUST ISNT REALITY!!

Now, some of you may say well they are open pollinated so that is why the pods dont "appear" 100% the same perfect! Tisk tisk! :) Any simple bit of research into how pollination works and how it effects things will tell you that when a plant flowers and gets pollinated the plant produces pods on a genetic level how its been programmed since IT was a seed....pollination has ZERO effect on this....ONLY the seeds INSIDE this pepper will have a change in genetics!! The plant will ALWAYS be a Butch T (or whatever type u have) but the open pollinated seeds inside its peppers is ANYONES guess!! The plant, for its WHOLE life will ALWAYS produce its type of peppers! It will never be changed by pollination of its flowers, but the seeds inside could be crossed with ANYTHING of its "breeding" type around!

I hope this has helped some of you know a bit more about all of this, as it has been a learning curve for me as well....And i hope you guys understand that all i ever wanted to do was get the masses the peppers they desire...period! and thats all we are GOING to keep doing! :D

P.S.- One last thing i wanted to at the nursery, we have whats known as "The Pile". And almost DAILY i find plants out in the nursery that have NOT ONE of these "PERFECT 100% MATCHES" to what its supposed to be found on them! ALL and i mean EVERY one of these plants finds its way to "The Pile"!!! Regardless of how long i have grown it for and how much care and cost i have put into that plant! PERIOD! It goes to "The Pile" to die...PERIOD! We dont grow or sell ANYTHING we are not 100% sure of!!

Dale Baker Jr
Baker's Peppers LLC

Lastly...I would like to add that i purchased ALL my Brain Strain Yellow seeds from Cappy at and ALL my Brain Strain Red seeds from Judy at ... I hope that clears up some confusion and i formally appologize to Judy about the mix up on where my seeds came from! :D
Again In regards with comments on here. Everyone is entitled to use their own words. That's why we call it an opinion. It's up to you of it offends you. No need to use fighting words.

Almost like a mafia boss talking. " you f$&king with my money.".
I agree with potawie, lots of negativity, lets get back to doing what we love, like brewing worm poo teas, taking care of plants, and snapping awesome pics to share with everyone.

Dale is not even in the same level as judy. She has variety, seed purity, dedication to breeding/stabilizing new peppers, introducing us to new peppers from her travels to the carribeans, and great customer service. She's very generous. Remember the auctions she had for brain strains, when the auction went up to she added even more boxes of pods. Good times. Everytime i order seeds i got freebies. That is awesome. My yellow brain strains from judy's seeds are almost all picture perfect. So im a happy customer.

Dale is just growing for mass production of pods. Not sure if he's selling seeds, and if he is i hope they are isolated or people are not gonna be happy.

Happy growing everyone!

The Hot Pepper

Seems like everyone has had their say that was involved. I'm glad you received refunds.

No need to repeat the stories. And Dale, you've been advised to stop posting, I would take that advice. It gets worse with each angry rant. At this point of the discussion I believe you are taking the bait.

Everyone here can judge for themselves if they want to do business.

If there are any new developments please post. I am hoping they are positive ones.
Actually a person growing these pods have offered to send me some and I will share them with my community at work. N offer the seeds on here. I am still amazed at how nice people on this forum are. Btw. Smokemaster. Lots of new growth on the plants I got. Thanks.
I was joking with KD...pulling his leg...
See the smiley?

I knew those plants would be Ok.
They didn't get watered all winter.
I had only started taking care of them when people here saw me tossing plants out and asked for them.
The plants I gave to a guy a few weeks before you came by said his are turning into nice sized plants now that they are out of that crappy soil mix and getting some attention.
Most he said were budding too.

Did you take a yellow scorpion?
I had 2.One turned yellow to red the other stayed yellow.
I know you got the Yellow Bhut.It grew true pods for me.
You should have taken the Brain strain.It's going crazy in new soil.Too late now...
Smokemaster. I got a small Vietnamese. Yellow bhut red fatalii. TS brown. And this pod that was by your door and I recall you pulled out the ripe pods. This is what's growing now

The not too White Thai was by the door.
Hope you put it in better soil.
It stayed light green/white in the shade but in the sun it changes color fast to orange then red.
Still a heavy producer and decent tasting pepper.
It was a trade.Not isolated I think.
Very few White podded peppers stay white when they get ripe.
The small Vietnamese is a VERY heavy producer and a bullet proof plant.
I think that one was 2 seasons old.
Are you sure it wasn't a chocolate Bhut?
Doesn't really matter,they all needed a new home.
Don't remember a brown Scorpion....
Red Fatalii grew true for me.

The Hot Pepper

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