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Can you do it? Make sense of 3 words

I will srart us out. I will give out three random words.

Can you build a sentence with these words?

Goat, shovel, lighter

After your sentence please leave three words for the next player.
Shampoo the gramcracker sat on the mountain top

Carpet, pepper, jelly
The queen burped at the bellhop

sheep - purple - marmalade
a helicopter wearing diapers drowned in oatmeal

rat jigsaw pyjamas
That rat I caught , while still in my pyjamas, is gonna need a doctor that specializes in jigsaw puzzels.

Cookie, velcrow, sparkplug
just you and me doing this :lol:

My sparkplug looks and tastes like a cookie, I can velcro it to my arm and take it anywhere to nibble

ice cream - vulture - pants
the dog under the table loves to play jazz on his kazooooooo while he cleans himself

ladder book mint
A steel wool lollipop works great for cleaning dentures.

Altitude gritty syrup
At this altitude the syrup goes right gritty

sky basket eggs
My accordion is held together with sillyputty and duct tape, I keep it in my tupperware box and bring it out to play every full moon.

globe tree artichoke
The tutor was possessed with unreasonable rules. All the staplers had to have pyrple staples.

Drag, bingo, celebrity
I drank 6 cups of coffee while getting the white dog dyed pink.

Capsaicin syphilis wildfire
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