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CaneDog 2021

Well, here we go again.  The indoor offseason got away from me around the turn of the year, so I decided to shut things down and start clean with the new outdoor season. 
I dropped all the wilds, rocotos, baccatum, chinense and frutescens earlier this month and, excepting wilds, pretty much everything is up and growing.  One thing I did different this year was I didn't presoak seeds, except for a few wilds.  I checked the days-to-germinate for the first round varieties against how they did last year and, based on a quick look, it seems they were generally maybe a couple days slower, which is about what I'd expect.
Today, I transplanted all the baccatum (except Berry Amarillo) plus a few Moz Piri Piri (thanks Tybo!), which are sitting on top of the lights until they root in a bit and can go back below. 
20210228 T54 Tent.jpg

I'm upping my tomato game this season - or at least increasing the varieties.  Usually I just grow San Marzano and Moskvich, maybe the occasional other.  This season I'm branching out a bit more with the varieties, which include Black Krim and Opalka from Dragonsfire and a bunch from Sandia.  I figure tomatoes usually germinate easy enough, so I just stuck them in a humidome toward the back of the T5HO tent where I hope they'll be happy. 
20210228 Tomatoes.jpg

The other big task today was dropping all the annuum into the Coleman.  After this annuum round I'll have just a final 2 varieties I'm waiting for in the mail, then I'll be done starting peppers for the season.
20210228 GermAnnuun.jpg

The last bit of news is I lucked out and will have access to two 10' x 40' plots at the community garden this year, which will include the better-located one that was new to me last year.  I was concerned I'd have access to only 1 this season, which would have significantly decreased my grow.  Anyhow, I'm super happy to have all that space and I'm sure I'll find a way to make it seem like not quite enough ;)
Thanks to all who contributed seeds and otherwise to my grow this year.  I hope everyone blows the doors off it this summer!


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Looking totally Awesome!
Love those Thunder Mountain look :)

Thanks DF. Yeah, the thunder mountain are one of the few annuum that have that gnarly bumpy look, plus being all long and twisted too they look pretty cool.

BTW, those Ring of Fire Cayenne you hooked me up with are just loaded with pods. When I take a picture the pods seem to disappear into the leaves, but there are heaps of them.
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Quite the collection of Frutescens!! Are you tracking which are deciduous?
I'm not sure that any of this current group are, at least not strongly so. The Moz Piri and Peach Frut are new to me, so possibly them. I'll pay more attention as I start to harvest them. I tend to harvest in batches so I don't mind if they stay attached firmly as I won't lose as many to the ground.

I'm happy to see the Tovarii are ripening pods. After a couple skimpy years with these it looks like I'll pull in a decent number of pods this season, with little bunches like these ripening all over the plants.
2021-09-10 Tovarii Bunch.jpg

2021-09-10 Tovarii.jpg


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I'm happy to see the Tovarii are ripening pods. After a couple skimpy years with these it looks like I'll pull in a decent number of pods this season, with little bunches like these ripening all over the plants.
I'm glad you posted those, CD. @Mr.joe sent me some Tovari
seeds last year, but I didn't have room for them this season.
Now, they are definitely on my wild to-grow list for 2022.

BTW, my rocopicas just aren't getting it. I think I stunted them
early on and they just have never actually set a berry :cry: although
they flowered like crazy. Will try again next year. I think I'm going
to do almost all my wilds in small pots next year. Even in the #2 and
3-gal. some of them just get too big.


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@PaulG Tovarii is a really fun one, though my experience is it can be finicky. I can't wait to see how they do for you down there. Can't imagine what happened with your rocopicas; maybe just one of those things where they lose their stride. My brown rocopica was an overwinter of the F2 and it was very slow to set pods. It finally did and it looks like I'll get a decent few.

Seems every season I'm adjusting pot sizes for varieties trying to get just what I want. I typically go smaller, but it seems some of the varieties just don't look the same in smaller pots, while others are merely mini versions of what you'd get in a larger pot. I've been super impressed with some of the canopies you've gotten in what I believe are larger pots - your lite seed cumari from Leo and purple flower chacoense come to mind. That's had me thinking I'll bump up pot size on certain wilds next season, though I'll probably keep most of them on the small side.
Canedog your Tovari is doing marvelously your in for a bumber crop buddy, pot size is a funny one I remember some and forget others that's why thx to my brother and old fried who let me read his diary and one of the things cleaned was about pot size plus also a temp range of the year and any adverse conditions that where in that grow year.As Gardner's where always learning lol.🙂


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Already looking forward to next season, @CaneDog!

The purple flower chaco and the Cumari annuum are in
true 3-gallon pots. They could have gone in smaller ones,
for sure.

Always something to tinker with, eh?


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I took some pictures at the community garden while I was out checking on water. We're starting to get some rain again after almost none the last 2-1/2 months. The silver lining to the cooling weather is that I've probably done the last watering I'll have to at the community plots this season.

The Ineks have produced well and really cork up. I haven't tried one yet, but I anticipate flaking a good number of them.
20210912 Inek.jpg

Yellow Spice Jalapeno
20210912 Yellow Spice.jpg

Chile de Arbol is starting to pick up the pace on ripening
20210912 de Arbol.jpg

Moz Piri Piri
20210912 MozPiri.jpg

Zimbabwe Piri Piri - purpling pod variation is a little behind the pace of the moz piris
20210912 Zim Piri S.jpg

Zimbabwe Piri Piri - dark pod variation is proving the slowest to ripe of the piri piris
20210912 Zim Piri A.jpg

Cicek Biber - I'll be harvesting these soon for pickling. They're tiny little plants, but they have lots of good-sized pods and I have 3 of them.
20210912 Cicek.jpg

Turkish Cayenne is a heavy producer - seeds curtesy of BDASPNY
20210912 TurkCayenne.jpg

Istanbul sweet pepper is also a good producer
20210912 TurkCan.jpg

Mirasol Giadone Pueblo with a heavy batch of 15cm + pods
20210912 GD Mirasol.jpg

This is the F2 of a (not) BOC from WHP. The F1 produced longish (12cm +/-) thin-walled orange pods with a bleeding calyx - they were actually a lot like aji panca, but for the color. This season I have 4 or 5 of the F2's growing, this being the first to show color and ultimately ripening red.
20210912 NBOC F2.jpg

Ripe, early pod of same
20210912 NBOC F2 Ripe.jpg

Variegated jalapeno F3 showing a mix of immature pod coloring. The other (north) side of the plant has a bunch more pods, most all of which are cream with a little bit of green flecking. I have a few other v jalaps at home, but all my F4 generation will come from seeds from this plant.
20210912 VJalap.jpg


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Hey there, @CaneDog, you have some great production there.
Looks like there will be lots of pods by the time the weather
finally shuts us down. Long range forecast down here looks
decent, with a few showers here and there. Daytime highs a
bit below average, but the nights a bit warmer, which should
help with the late season ripening.

Still waiting on my Orange Spice Jalapeños To start coloring up.
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