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CaneDog 2022 Glog

Happy 2022 everyone and good luck with the new season. I suppose it's time to get the new glog going with it being the new year and all. I'll start off with some pics I took over the last couple weeks of plants in the indoor grow. Right now I have two tents with T5HO's for the indoor plants and the OW's about as far away as possible in the house under an HLG 100 4K.

Yaki Blue Fawn - I didn't grow this last year, but after seeing the success PaulG and Dragonsfire had with their Yakis recently I'm psyched to have one going again.
20211209 YakiBF.jpg

1 of 2 of Uncle E's Naga Smooky Rainbow x 7 Pot Yellow crosses from seeds he sent me.

A couple Uchu Cream x Mutant, 1 filiform and 1 not. Seeds from Catchthebear AKA Matt's Peppers
20211209 Uchus.jpg

and later, separated
2021-12-24 UchuXMutant F.jpg

2021-12-24 UchuXMutant NF.jpg

Mutant Gum (also from Matt)
20211209 MutantGum.jpg

Aji Guyana, which I topped for being a little too exuberant, but it's still wanting to stretch. This is my 3rd generation growing these from seeds Wiri sent me and they've been awesome and produce PDQ in the PNW for a baccatum.
2021-12-24 AjiGuyana.jpg

And Bahamian Goat - an old favorite I skipped last season and am looking forward to growing again.
20211209 BahaGoat.jpg
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You really did the YBF justice with your grow. I'm hoping for good productivity too and have lots of ideas for using all those pods now after seeing what all DF used them for.

Speaking of purple foliage, I have this guy still in the "bigger plants" tent, your Trippaul Threat V2 F3 Red. It's been around a good while now, but I've kept it small and it's kept me waiting to see some flowers. I'd like to get it transplanted into a small fabric pot - I'm not really happy with the drainage in its current container - but I keep thinking it's about to get down to producing and don't want to delay it.

Trippaul Threat V2 F3 Red
20220103 #1.jpg

Another pic from the bigger plants tent; Eximium 19198 seedling chilling in the dappled light under a Prik Leung.
20220103 EX19198 & Leung.jpg
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Been a while since I've posted to my glog. Even had a little trouble finding it. Anyhow, some things are happening so I took a few quick pic's.

I grew out three of Uncle E's NSR x 7P Yellow, but this is the only one to show the colored flowers I've been looking for. Seems as though I'll get a pod set here, so it'll be interesting to see how the pod colors. These are vigorous and great-looking plants - thanks Unc! - so I'm hopeful this will make a good selection to grow forward. I don't have anymore seeds for this, so my eggs are pretty much in this basket.

20220202 - Smooky7Pink.jpg

A flush of Orange Starfish, courtesy of Wiri Wiri. I should have had more confidence in her seed quality as every seed planted popped - and quickly. Now I have a culling issue. :neutral:
20220202 - OStarWW.jpg

This is an F3 Thai cross that's shaping up nicely, except I expected it to have upright pods. Fortunately, I have another start that hasn't budded yet and plenty of F2 seeds.
20220202 - ThaiXU F3.jpg

Gave up on waiting for this guy to flower before stepping up its container. Now within just days of pot-up it's starting to form buds.
PaulG's Trippaul Threat V2 F3 Red
20220202 - PaulG.jpg

Purple Jalapeno has started to flower
20220202 - PurpleJalap.jpg

and the Hidalgo Serrano is getting ready to bush out.
20220202 - HSeranno.jpg
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@CaneDog - That v2 F3 red Trippaul Threat is looking
just awesome. I'm looking forward to watching that one

Hoping to get a few seeds back from that, as I don't
have any of the red variety seeds left and haven't grown
it out yet!!
Thanks DF!

@PaulG Thanks for the seeds share. I'm curious whether it will stay red or show some other pod coloration was hidden underneath. With the time left I'm pretty sure it will set pods inside, so even if it goes outside this spring I should have plenty of isolated seed to share back. Hopefully it won't get too big too soon now that it's in the bigger container.
It seems like not much is happening, but seeds continue to sprout and the plants are growing and getting potted up and such. Some are even starting to produce.

I almost killed this mutant gum several weeks ago, somehow missing its watering and coming back to find it completely wilted. None of the foliage survived and half the stem was limp, but I cut it back to just a nub with a few nodes and, surprisingly, it's grown back. Great looking foliage on this.
20220214 MutGum.jpg

I have another mutant gum that's very similar to the above, but that wasn't dealt a near death blow, which has started to flower. I like the above plant better for seed selection going forward, but hope it will have flowers similar to this one.
20220214 MutGum2.jpg

I started an indoor Jalapeno Zapotec that has quickly taken to setting pods. I plan to keep this one inside and get some early red pods off it.
20220214 JZ.jpg

Purple jalapeno is also setting pods.
20220214 PJ.jpg

I didn't grow my fatalii last season and regretted it. That oversight has been fixed for this year.
20220214 Fatalii.jpg

Paul G's Trippaul Threat V2 F3 Red has put on a growth spurt and budded up in a very short time since potting up. I love how the foliage looks thick on these and how it has kind of an oily sheen.
20220214 PGTT.jpg

Uchu Cream x Mutant has started setting pods. None showing in this picture, but they have a light green/darker green striping similar to Matt's variegated jalapeno.
20220214 UchuXMut.jpg

Ending with a non-sequitur (nod to international fish), this is some thai sweet basil I let go to flower and will backfill with "Married Man Pork" basil, curtesy of Wiri Wiri, which I'll sow within the next few days.
20220214 ThaiBasil.jpg
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It's a great plant @PaulG and I think it's going to really take off in the bigger container. I don't remember a pepper ever refusing to produce in a smaller container, but after a long wait within literally a few days of transplant it had already started budding up to flower. It put on size right away too, without the usually settling in period. If all keeps going well with it I anticipate another pot-up before it goes outside and we'll see just how impressive this one will get.
I knew I hadn't posted in the glog for a good while, but "wow!" when I see the last post date. I took a few pic's today that I'll put up to hopefully get the ball rolling again. It's been a challenging season in many aspects, but not without it's bright spots.

One of those bright spots is the Baccatum Fragilis finally setting pods. Fortunately, it seems to be setting more versus dropping existing sets in our recent PNW heat wave.
20220729 BaccFragilis.jpg

Brown Rice is also setting pods. Cool little narrow ones. Flower still hanging by a thread.
20220729 BrownRice.jpg

Ho Chi Minh is ripening. Unfortunately, I have only breeding cups of these and no big plants, but at least I'll have some pods and fresh true seeds for next time.
20220729 HCM.jpg

Giadone Pueblo Mirasol is also starting to ripen. Like the HCM, above, I have only a breeding (solo) cup this season. Last season's peppers were great though, when I had a couple full-sized plants. And big chunky pods.
20220729 Mirasol.jpg